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  1. Nihilus...because he's cool!

  2. I could get behind that idea :p

  3. I can appreciate someone going back to make sure they get the right details...but yeah, if you've played the game you know what people will say.

  4. He definitely came off as too immature to me as well.

  5. I'd say Atton was on my list. The others I didn't have too much of a problem with.

  6. I always liked Nihilus. Canderous and HK-47 don't count I suppose being in the first game. Kreia was pretty cool too, as well as the Handmaiden.

  7. Yeah I'll have to agree with you there, too many characters starts to get very tough. I think what you have in mind sounds pretty neat.

  8. I tend to like the somewhat large crew like the squads in kotor and mass effect. I think as long as there's variety which based on your rp you seem to be a fan of in the first place :)

  9. ah, gotcha. I haven't played it in a bit, but I have played it a bit. I waited until it went free to play :p

  10. I see. Are you using this rp to help with coming up with characters? Or just doing it to do it?

  11. Meh, never fun. Glad to know you're back in a star wars mood though :) I'm just happy I'm back in an rping mood again.

  12. haha not a whole lot, tired from work. How about yourself?

  13. Oh? Sounds interesting

  14. Welcome back by the way :) I'll see if I can get into contact with Archon for it and come up with something.

  15. Hmm, what's it about?

  16. Hmmm...Deadpool huh? As one of my favorites, the offer is quite tempting. I'll let you give the merc a shot so that I can watch you crash and bur...see how you play as him. Don't worry buddy I'm sure some of my humor has rubbed off on you by now *trollface*

  17. Yep, and I had a blast. Its always good to have xboxes to use from friends

  18. I would have loved to provided it still worked haha

  19. No doubt about that. Welcome back buddy :)

  20. Mr. Q, I'd say welcome back to the world of the living, but I've only recently come back myself :p I'm glad I didn't come back alone though.

  21. Good, good...very good. Welcome back buddy

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