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  2. Pretty good, sorry about the no reply there for a bit.


    I'd say that's quite possible. It might take some serious digging to get that info, but still there :)

  3. I should have a chance to get something out tomorrow afternoon.

  4. I'd say so. I'm sure we'll have more lightsaber fights in the future. Voleran was obviously a stronger force power user, which is always nice to fight.

  5. Time to come up with a new charrie!


    Also, kind of reluctant party member gained :)

  6. Drinks? I would have come back sooner if I knew that :p

  7. I'm doing pretty well. I finally got some free time :)


    How about yourself?

  8. Hi Hi! Its always good to hear back from you :)


    I got some more free time, so here I am.

  9. Busy, but good! Hopefully I'm back for longer this time :p

  10. You're quite welcome my comrade. Chev has been on a nominating spree. First Shana, than Ping and myself...and once I got one, I knew you absolutely needed one. You can't nominate a sith without nominating his former sith master(who I'd let live =P) as well.


    Yes we must talk again...you know where to find me.

  11. Thank you very much good sir, and a happy easter to you as well.

  12. Why thank you for the nomination =)

  13. You? If so I'll give my word, or however it works to do that =)

  14. Well luckily I'm on break so I got some free time. Now I'm debating which rps I can join and hopefully stay in.

  15. you're back again! Wait...or are you? I guess I'll find out whenever I get a rely...if I get a reply =P

  16. That would be neat if he got back on here.

  17. Phantom Knight, CommanderQ, and SkywalkerRules to name a few

  18. Aww, thank you very much =) Its a shame a few people left though.

  19. No problem. You're an absolutely talented writer and a lot of fun to rp with. Its easy to see why you got it. =)

  20. Things are getting a little busy at college for me, so I may or may not be able to join your new rp. I'll still be posting in Purge though. Now I'm off to debate what to do with Vakarr in my next post.

  21. Yo dawg I heard you like badges =P, so I wanted to stop by and say congrats on the badge =)

  22. I'm gonna be swamped for a bit with college work, so you don't have to wait on me. If it dies down I'll join, if not I'll sadly have to pass for the time being.

  23. The Geth make me happyface

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