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  1. I do believe this friend request is long over due.

  2. Why thank you, I'm glad you liked my portrayal. Quick Question first. How will the characters meet up?

  3. Well I do like Mass Effect, and I see that you have Geth as a maybe race...this makes me happy.

  4. I totally forgot to say this but Archon is away, and he should hopefully be back tomorrow. So is it safe to say that his Dwarf character is with the group since she'd most likely follow his other character?

  5. =( I'm sorry to hear that. Lucky my classes are pretty easy...so far at least.

  6. Sounds good to me. I'm sure you'll make Archon's day when he finds out you waited for him =)

  7. Don't worry, it won't come to that! I love when teachers have tests on the same day making for a super long study day.

  8. Thank you for the confidence =) I'll defeat this studying...maybe. If I don't make it, you're in charge of my characters.

  9. Same here. Enjoying my kind of sort of day off. I got a bunch of college work tomorrow to do...oh joy.

  10. Hey Hey Shana, what's up?

  11. Hey Chev. Archon is away and won't be back until Thursday. I figured I should tell you now so that you don't think he's ignoring you or something =)

  12. Vakarr was close enough for the speed boost thingy (Yes that's what I'm calling it now), right?

  13. That sounds good to me.

  14. I have a quick question for you Shana. Did our characters actually have a relationship for a bit, or do they only have feelings for one another and didn't act upon them?

  15. Sweet, this should be fun =)

  16. I might have a bit of a backstory for them. I've been talking to Archon and he's making a sith character as well. His character was the mentor to mine, and two still respect one another and all that. If you want your character could have been an apprentice of his as well and that's where the rivalry/romance of our characters began.

  17. Romantically connected sith rivalry thing = very cool idea. It should make for some very interesting conversations in the rp.

  18. I was thinking something along the lines of them being rivals of some sort. Which would you prefer them to be, competitive friends or rivals that disliked one another? Let me know if you've got a better idea.

  19. Hey Shana, I was wondering if you would be interested in having your Sith character have some sort of history with the Sith character I'm working on for Chev's rp.

  20. would you like to get on skype good sir?

  21. I have a quick question. Are the travelers already together, or will we have our characters all meet up later?

  22. Hey, let me know if you need any help with writing my character or if you have questions.

  23. I do too, that's why I came back.

  24. Make me wait!?!...yeah that's fine with me. Whichever chapter you see working the best.

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