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  1. Just finished reading Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, which I really enjoyed but it got to be a bit tiring in the last chapter or two. Worth the read if economics at all interests you. Currently I'm reading Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel. Another interesting book that tries to explain why Europeans have dominated modern history without going into the so called science of race. So far an excellent read. After that I'm going to try and find a good book as a counter point to Wealth of Nations, any suggestions?
  2. ^ I disagree with you on football, but at least there's some common ground on Baseball
  3. Wow, I guess I need to stay more active on this forum, I just realized I missed 2 months of progress on this... and DAMN! Very nice stuff guys! RedRob: As always, I'm highly impressed. Logan: Looks like the mod is continuing it's tradition of quality. Anyway, good job to the dev team on this and good luck with the next few steps, I can't imagine QA is going to be fun
  4. Get this, I just got back from being away from being back :p


    Edit: And I'm fine.

  5. No, the two are NOT inherently interchangeable. The US is not a democracy, despite what Hollywood and other propaganda has said, the US is still a Republic, a Democratic Republic yes, but not a Democracy. Thus one is not, 'more appropriate', one is correct the other is wrong. Emphasis Mine Source Sorry, but that's one thing that really annoys me. Nearly? At least where I am Socialism is greeted with cheers and Capitalism with boos. But then, Minnesota is a rather screwy place. However, But, yea, I'm with you here, let's tell it like it is.
  6. Catholic School: meh, it's a private school, I'll let that slide. Prom: wtf? That's dumb and I"m imagining that there's going to be some serious fallout from this.
  7. /me facepalms That's the only reaction that I can have..... How much you wanna bet in the future this company is going to be getting in trouble with the ACLU or something for impinging on the rights of Robots? I'll start the pool.
  8. I'm all for that idea. Nukes solve all problems
  9. Having never read any of the chronicals, I'm going to make an unqualified guess at NO as I'm guessing that "True Sith" refer to those of the Sith Specie/Empire, of which none of Revan's men belonged.
  10. Yup, it's confirmed. If you use the name Lindsay, you're obviously referring to her. Why can't we just export our Celebrities somewhere else once they're done being useful.... such as, say, the Moon?
  11. ^^Well, you're the guy in a police booth... or whatever it takes the shape of... been forever since I've seen Doctor Who.
  12. I've read about 3 pages of it, and it's very funny how everybody is saying that 'uhm, yea, you're DRM sucks.' and then the Ubi mods are going 'Well, duhr, post your system specs because that's where the issue is!' Followed by the party line... God, I haven't even played the first one and this pisses me off so badly..... Why do I have to have morals and not fire up ISOHunt and d/l it?! Damn morals.
  13. ^^I've been told I have an ugly face, but that's harsh man, real harsh.
  14. 2 months ;) Thanks for the welcome back, I'm still kinda surprised that the RP is still exactly where it was left.... I was almost expecting a revival or something

  15. I would like to say that TA's points have taught me more about Evolution and human biology than Honor's Biology ever did, thank you for that, I'm definitely going to be checking out those links soon. Anyway, I can't do more than agree with Bimmer and most everybody else: there's proof for Microevolution and Macro is really just Micro over a long period of time. And, to answer the ORIGINAL question, I'm one of those poor kids who has always gone to a public school, I can't say I'm any worse off for it. I know some kids who were home school-ed, scary smart, but rubbish at social situations. Just my 2cents.
  16. Yes, I still do live. :D A 2 month break because of school and, damn, it feels good to jump back into LF.

  17. Eh, I'm pretty easy going when it comes to language, the only place I really mind language is in Church... but, considering that apart from Christmas and Easter, I haven't seriously gone to church in probably 2 or 3 years, I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Now, having said that, I do tend to raise eyebrows when there's a lot of it per page with no apparent reason. I just don't understand why some authors resort to it, but it really does grate on my after awhile.
  18. ^^So, have you been everywhere, or are you everywhere? Would be pretty damn neat if you were everywhere..... oh, and I'm attached to my soul at the moment. Eh, only thing about Hal that I haven't commented on before on the thread.
  19. KotOR: Better Engine, I know that KotOR's engine isn't bad I just know that I would've loved a much more "powerful" engine that would allow us to have a huge amount of polys on screen and not slow it down as much as it would using the current engine, assuming the same machine. TSL: With almost everybody else here, moar content! (Seriously, 20hrs to beat K1 with few sidequests and 16 in TSL with almost every sidequest complete, wtf?)
  20. ^^Sad to hear you want to die..... well, don't procrastinate too much I s'pose.
  21. Wrong section.... I'd suggest checking out the Coruscant Entertainment Centre
  22. So, my internet connection for my gaming computer is done in probably the most piece-meal of anybody I know. I use a netbook, an Asus eeePC 1000HE (Don't know the bios, I just know that it works pretty good) still running XP Home on it for my internet connection, I then have created a network bridge on it that includes both the Wireless and Wired Connections, which I then send to my computer. Computer Specs: OS: Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic" / Windows XP SP3 (Up to date as of March 4th) CPU: Athlon XP64 3000+ (1.8 ghz stock, OC'd to 2.079 ghz) RAM: 1gb DDR (Don't remember what speed, but my OC is probably killing it) Video Card: Asus variant of a Nvidia 6200 GE (256 onboard, 350 mhz clock, 500 mhz RAM) Sound Card: SB Live! 24-bit So, my computer doesn't see the internet connection. And, it appears that the two just refuse to talk to each other. I get a warning on the netbook that there's an IP Conflict and that is what I suspect to be the problem, however I have had that happen before with no ill effects. This time, however, it doesn't work. I had the same problem last night and booting into Windows solved it, and the connection continued after I booted into Karmic. If you need any additional information, don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my best to find it! Anyway, my question, how can I get my Linux install to use the internet connection? It connects just fine and get's the IP just fine, but once it tries getting online, it's as if there's a glass wall. EDIT: (3 / 7 / 2010 @ 1535 GMT - 6) No idea how it happened, but the issue resolved itself magically..... I'm just as confused as anybody else reading this.... But, anyway, fed up with PulseAudio issues and, after breaking my audio with ALSA switching to Debian. This thread can be locked and/or deleted.
  23. Civ IV? Japan was fun, but I just couldn't get into it. Civ III? Persia As an avid Civ 3 player, I'm dubious but hopeful about this... anxious as hell though. Edit: What the **** do you mean only 18 civs?! 36 on Extra Large real World Map fools. Where is it?!
  24. ^^ Unfortunately the situation outlined actually sounds like something my High School would actually do...... Damn, I can't wait until I graduate. Cool, want to start the revolution with me?
  25. ^^Rockman 4.... why is it that all I can think of is a Rockband Knock/Spin off?
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