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  1. The Crawler is part of the area model, if you look at the minimap it's there. it's like the Hawk in the landing pad modules.
  2. Congrats, and update us about Missus Shem as well
  3. After being pounded for presumably hours by the Rebellion Fleet. Also, those domes were never positively identified as Shield Domes, just domes. iirc they were once identified as Sensor Domes, but I can't remember for sure.
  4. ^^ Well, least this isn't Quake, so no Shamblers for you! So Sigged.
  5. hence my accent on MORE, we just have a lower range and I couldn't remember if Lusankya was operating at 100% efficiency or not. here's a host of variables and the 1000 megatons is a very lower limit. Since we know how much energy goes into the shields we can determine if we have enough time how much energy it takes to destroy the Executor. Frankly, I don't want to spend the time doing that, but I figured that it's gonna take a hell of a lot of energy, basically this thing could probably go through a small star and remain intact. As for your analogy, if you're using current day nukes, than you're most likely correct. However, they're likely to have developed higher yield warheads or more effect shaped charges. Both could change that analogy.
  6. ^^I've gotta set you up with a copy of nethack one of these days...
  7. if you have a micro center nearby check them out, I picked up a BFGtech GeForce GT220 for ~$60 (I think it was like 64 after tax or something like that) I have no complaints about it and you've gotta love their warranties. Especially since they're still gonna honor them despite exiting the GPU market, iirc.
  8. Thanks for those posts TKA, gonna have to read over that article now. Basically, just accept it, Nukes aren't all powerful. If we assume that a Proton Torpedo has an average yield of ~10 megatons (Models vary from the Kiloton to Gigaton range, so I just took a number out of the air) and we know that it takes hundreds of proton torpedoes to take down the shields of the Lusankya. So, we can theorize that it takes the equivalent of 1000 megatons OR MORE to lower the shields of an SSD. Anyway, here's a number for the raw energy used in the shields of the SSD: source Give up, nothing produces that kind of power that we can develop and certainly not able to be made in the KotOR era. Your fantasy about a single nuke destroying it are just that, fantasy, within a fantasy. @TKA: Bah, EU matters not Edit: Reread TKA's points above Darth Jacen.
  9. Alright: The shields on a ship have to be incredibly strong. Why? These things engage in combat against many vessels. The Executor was designed to face off against more than one vessel. Also, I don't know if you know this or not but a Proton Torpedo IS a nuclear warhead. (Source: Ultimate Cross-Sections: Star Wars Original Trilogy) The executor is not stopped by one, it is stopped by MANY at the SAME time in the SAME position. Read X-Wing: Bacta War for a good description of how the Lusyanka (Sp?) was defeated and then remember that it surrendered to prevent total destruction and there were tons of other factors at work. Short Answer: Learn Star Wars more, Executor is the most powerful ship in the galaxy (Exception: Death Star) in its time frame, period.
  10. Have you followed this tutorial? [useful features...swkotor.ini] Check what you're doing against that one and report back.
  11. ^^So, what's a Devian tart? Edit: Fully aware it's deviant art
  12. ^^Geeze, what did I ever do to you that wanted you to see that I won't live?
  13. Well, I doubt it's any good whatever it is Anyway, happy birthday No presents, cause I'm cheap like that.
  14. ^^Still has his head on fire... might want to get that checked out man.
  15. ^^So, playing good old fashioned NetHack are you?
  16. That's the GTA everybody knows and... errr... tolerates Anyway, just make the rl actors fit the..... drawings? If it's about Asia, make them fit. That's it. Otherwise, I don't give a rat's nether regions about this film.
  17. I've never seen it and I don't really plan on it. But, imho, if you're going to make a movie about a series where the characters are predominitely Asian, make the actors fit goddammit! Crap like this annoys me when I watch movies and I realize that Character x was supposed to be race r but is race q in the movie. Sure, I understand that maybe there's "more" of a market, but, c'mon if that's how your marketing you need to rethink your marketing and market.
  18. Anybody else wondering why the hell they need Religious police? I wish that that region wasn't so screwed up so I wouldn't end up feeling as anti-Islam as that region makes me feel. Damn the Middle East for being a bunch of wacko nutjobs. Well, mostly at any rate.
  19. ^^ She doing some kind of gang symbol or something?
  20. Obligatory get an open platform comment. Otherwise, well, it's neat and I do think iPhones are cool, but, eh, I still want an Android phone over an iPhone. And, indeed, I'm with Mav: lolwut?
  21. I'll pass along a belated bday as well, despite being even later than Jedi... on the other hand, nice to see ya :)

  22. Chev, noticed you are waiting for somebody to post in the new Zombies Walk... I'll try and get a character up by Thursday night so there'll be at least 3 people :D

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