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  1. So what skills do you have? :lol:

  2. Hit me up on gmail chat, I need to ask you something

  3. Im sorry but with Quanons and I working on the sleheyron project, I have no time for any other projects. I know he is swamped as well.


    Wish you luck!

  4. The SithSpecter musk of trouble?

  5. Help a brutha out! check your PM :)

  6. See the post I just made in our WIP thread :)

  7. I am doing great bud, how are you doing these days? Thanks for the kind words on Q and my project.

  8. Im not good at modeling at all :lol: I am just doing the best I can.


    I had 3d experience from years ago using lightwave. When I found holowan I dl 3dsm and just decided I wanted to make new areas.


    Thanks though!

  9. Send it to me to test also :)

  10. What door would you recommend I use for the landing area to get to the next area? I was thinking the custom one SS made, but did that even have animations to open/close? And would he even be reachable to ask?


    Should I just use a taris door?

  11. So am i gonna get some help? ;)

  12. Sent more yet again

  13. Sent you updated screens

  14. Awesome! Glad you found 2010 :)


    I worked on our area more today. Added in little things to make the area stand out. Let me know when you can make and send the little things we discussed. Im eager to get this all modeled out and textured :)


    Though it will pain me to see it in game without all the fancy lightmaps and shading :(:)



  15. Heya fren,


    Any update?

  16. It is not dead. On hold for now though.

  17. Bappy Hirthday nonauQ! The purple cow crows but flies at midnight!

  18. lol @ scavangerman34... what in the hell?

  19. Did you get my message? When you are ready I would love to help you test out NWtools or KA to work with lightmaps

  20. ok uploading his mod file now. I just sent a screenshot and details about how i want the ships

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