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  1. i see you wish to chang your name to Te Prudii Mand'alor

  2. do you make cutom commandos?

  3. so what do you think of it?

  4. haha. i thught you might want to :lol:

  5. it's pretty much just a place where you can pst all the spam you wan without getting yelled at :p

  6. where does the pic save? i can't find it

  7. but how do i get to the screenie?

  8. ok i got the screenshot taken now how do i get to it?

  9. :( if you lived in the same city as me i would lend you my copy of the series :p maybe you should check at some NON-local librarys? or a used book store?
  10. you can just post that on the feedback section :D BTW do you read the RC series?

  11. yes it would... you wouldn't have to keep refreshing the page.

  12. :lol: let's rephrase that :p how are you doing? :xp:
  13. i see... i beat you to Gamma's question :D

  14. heh... yeah i do that with mandalorian related stuff :p so what's up?

  15. hahaha.. yeah they got anoying after while :lol:

  16. hey do you know TC personaly? you said "that was a quick registration"

  17. "Mand'alor, what is your avatar supposed to be? It's quite... ...interesting."



    it's a Taung :D. they were the original inhabitants of Corusant. after that they founded the Mandalorians :D thats why we love them :D

  18. heheh... they usualy only let you change it every 6 months but i think they'll change it again afer that. it isn't really that big of a change

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