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  1. all of them! especialy the first one :thmbup1:

  2. accepted :thmbup1:


    i gave him the idea of Te Or'dinii Mand'alor :xp:

  3. that was at the back of my head but now that you mention it it's pretty cool. i say we should make a list of ideas to gis to him :D

  4. yeah. he was going to change his name and i was helping him find some mando ones

  5. we can try to think of a new name for MTS. he wants a new one... or something more.. star wars..ish...ey

  6. well yeah.. i suppose you can.... now i'm NOT thinking hard enough :p

  7. yep :D now just to get non-mando fans to know what it means :p

  8. well i got the name change that yuo so encuraged me to get :D

  9. or maybe "Te Or'dinii Mand'alor" :xp: it means mandalore the complete lunatic... but it actualy might do

  10. Jetiise is the plural of jedi so if you wanted "mandalore the jedi" it would be "Te Jetii Mand'alor" or of course there is "Daru Mand'alor" but you probably don't want that :p

  11. well... Te Werda Mand'alor dosn't sound too good :p... do you want it somethink Mando?


    P.S.what do you think of my new name? :D

  12. hey! your on and have a sweet new avvy :D!!!!!!!!!

  13. (refering to his poll where your name is mentioned twice)

  14. V i think he might mean Det. Bart Lastier :xp: V

  15. *shoots him in the back before he gets there* :D

  16. i made a social group about the books :D

  17. is "formerly padowan link" really a location :p

  18. hey do you read the RC books?

  19. hehe... it means Mand'alor the Vengeful :D

  20. hey the name change went through :D

  21. no i make my own. but you can make custom halo ones like that too

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