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  1. Uh....you've already asked me.....

  2. Check out the ARC Trooper Mod Team :D

  3. Vor'e ner'vod:D

  4. Allright thanks then send Ambient:)

  5. I kinda have a favour to ask....you see I accidently(really:p) screwed up my AmbientTextures.utx and Arena_Textures.utx files and if it's not too much to ask can you send me the original ones?:D

  6. Thanks!:D:parrot:

  7. Misfire:p:parrot:

  8. Your RC tutorials are Kandosii!:D They helped me a lot:bow:

  9. A Mandalorian in pink? Ooooooooooh I gotta tell everyone:lol:

  10. Allright I think I will do 2 Deltas. Check the thread and thanks:)

  11. Allright forget that I will create him as a new character. You can disapprove it if you wish.

  12. Hey Mrcharlton I'm gonna post some stuff in the 501st rp thread but first can I change my clone to a commando and not a lieutenant?

  13. Well let me tell you something. I know from experience how these how these TC mods work. I started one myself, I had a lot of help and still there were more and more works to be done and I couldn't finish it. Heed my advice and start with something easier.

  14. Well I have lotsa,lotsa,lotsa exams on my hands right now, but I'm doing fine I think:D I didn't realize you had 2501 posts already wow O_O:lol: And what's up with you?

  15. I knew I wasn't the only one who liked them:D

  16. I cannot fail any exams when I have Mand'alor by my side:DThanks:)

    They start tomorrow:ninja2:


    About the movies: What do you think of them? I read only bad opinions all around the internet but I liked both movies. What do you think?

  17. Nevermind I gotta go. Wish me luck in the next few weeks cause I will struggle through a bunch of exams:(

  18. Just a random question here:D

    Did you see Transformers 1 or 2?(movie:p)

  19. Ok fine you win almighty Sant'alor :xp:

  20. I ain't got no head!:lol:

    It's just............something that looks like my head...

  21. Maybe maybe not:lol:

    Btw it's not hair>_> :p:lol:

  22. Hey CQ it's been a long time since I checked LF remember me?:D

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