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  1. Thanks:) I changed the Republic Theme Music(I guess) to Vode An(Brothers All).(This update is not offical yet but I will soon make an update. If you have any ideas or suggestions please tell me and thanks:)

  2. It works for me.....

    Anyway if you have some time please go and check it out. It's on the first page of Holowan Labs. It's called "Mandalorian Endar Spire"

  3. Hey Mand'alor what do you think of my mod? Do you have any suggestions or can you help me with some problems? Here

  4. I'm looking forward to it! I was started to think that you won't continue it:D

  5. Of course it is! I haven't uploaded too much I know but this is a lot and hard work to do:)

  6. Okay I meant no offense, but it is just a little weird that you are here since 01-01-2004 and you haven't got any Visitor messages:D

  7. Well I don't want to post this in the armband thread, but you said my armband doesn't appear. v2.0 is not compatible with any other mods using spells.2da. v3.0 will be. So if you want to use it so badly, try uninstalling some mods.

  8. You don't talk much, do you?

  9. Hey Venom, how's it going?:)

  10. Hey Mand'alor, so.....will you explain that Ludo Kreesh thing?

  11. No I'm sorry I haven't recieved any e-mail from you:(

  12. I'll check it

  13. Well no not exactly. I didn't recieve any e-mail from you.......

  14. Yes I asked permission but now I have Vista and I have some trouble with modding TSL....I know there's a mod out there for Vistas but...........I've changed my mind:)

  15. Hello Church I couldn't send a PM(don't know why), so can you do some voice acting for me? If yes reply here or send a PM or something:)



  16. Yes, why are you asking?

  17. Hmmmmmm......Then I'll start a new thread about this if you can't, and see if others can help. You can view threads can't you?

  18. I think you can't do that. You saw sitting people on Taris, right? Well, they are part of a placeable.


    And why can't you create threads? Just sign up, and click the "Start a New Thread" button. It is below the "Threads in Forum : Holowan Laboratories" line.

    Maybe someone more talented than me can help you with it. I 'm sorry:(


    EDIT: Oh and don't forget to activate your account if you haven't created one yet.

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