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  1. Yeah i have that problem with Mass Effect 2. My laptop overheats and won't turn on, but after a minute it's good. If you DL-d the game maybe it's a bad virus and that's why it won't turn on.

  2. War for Cybertron? I can't stop playing with that:D

  3. Your sig is made of win:D

  4. Oh i thought it was scavy:D Sweet i'll watch you too:D

  5. Allright let's see about the smiley things:

    Those are basically 50x50 pics, you can view them in my journal here

    And just paste the URL between these:

    div>   <div class="spoiler" style="display: none;">[img]<a href=http://j.imagehost.org/0228/funny-pictures-basement-cat-makes-trade.jpg' alt='funny-pictures-basement-cat-makes-trade.jpg'>

  6. Uh... put what pictures where? You mean these little smiley things? demongorapefaceplz.jpg?3demongoplz.jpg?1cutedemongoplz.gif?1happydemongoplz.gif?1


    Oh and BTW i'm not after your soul anymore........but i can't speak for my cat

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  7. Demongo will steal your soul for not making any sensepisseddemongoplz.jpg?1

  8. Well then it's a good thing i don't have a braincutedemongoplz.gif?1

  9. Sweet and is that a zombie back there? O_O

  10. Is that the ARC Trooper mod?

  11. demongofacepalmplz.gif?1And when you see a zombie he's alive too right?
  12. Life? I'm not alive. Why do you think i'm stealing souls?deviousdemongoplz.jpg?1

  13. You won't even be able to see me not choke mehappydemongoplz.gif?1

  14. Maybe but then they can't scream and beg for their livesdemongoplz.jpg?1

  15. Dracula is EPIC you really should do that:rofl:


    Dracula had enough of this. Dracula goin' home

  16. But where's the FUN in that?saddemongoplz.jpg?1

  17. I see you successfully found my signaturecutedemongoplz.gif?1

  18. Holy carrots put that helmet back right NAOshockeddemongoplz.jpg?1


    As for the .gif thing check out my art thread or my DA profile;)

  19. Emotion fail FTWhappydemongoplz.gif?1


    Try taking off the helmetgrimrapefaceplz.png?1

  20. "If I survive i'll make sure you won't"

    That's almost as good as soul stealingcutedemongoplz.gif?1

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