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  1. Box invite? No I didn't get anything.

  2. Thanks for all the stuff! The VOs are just perfect! But really! I haven't tested the app and blaster in-game but I'll do it in a second. Great work!:thmbup1::D

  3. I got go now, I just jumped in to see what has changed in a week:D I will be back tomorrow or maybe sooner, but be sure to PM the files:D

  4. You mean for the Blaster Pistol? If you have the time, do it. Otherwise thank you for your work:)

  5. Wow, Contgratulations! You have 564 posts!:D What did I miss? I was on Holiday, sorry I forgot to mention, but I'm back. Also, thanks for all the stuff, just PM me a direct link:D

  6. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you. I was on Holiday, but I'm back. Sorry:(

  7. Thanks for that door offer, but do you think it will fit the Leviathan modules?

  8. Well I guess you're right.............my Mand'alor:cheers::D But I'm still on the top of the most wanted Bounty Hunters list:D

  9. Yes I'm a Forumite now! Bow before my awesomness!:D:D

  10. Thanks for the map Ulmont!

  11. Then I won't create any new groups:D Thanks!

  12. I got to go now, but send me that map via VM or PM:)

  13. Maybe I will create some kind of social group but I'm not sure. I would appreciate your help:) And you said asteroids? It is important, because I'm making(okay not making, recording:p) a cutsene of the Vendire's destruction above Mandalore.

  14. NP, I'm getting comfortable with scripting so I will help wherever I can:D

  15. Thanks, I already have a few sick ideas, what should I do:D I think I will start now.

  16. So that means you like the idea?:D Thanks for the info! I think then I'll make Mandalore the new planet:D

    It is like Dxun isn't it?(with cties)

  17. Hey I need your advice or you can say help in something. Don't worry I won't ask you anything to mod, I know you're busy:D As you have read in the update, I am making a new planet. I was thinking of Mandalore but I can't find anymore pics of it that on Wookiepedia. So do you think this is a good idea? If yes, do you have any pics or info about it's terrain,weather etc.

  18. I didn't want to post this at TeamFett, but about that wave thing:

    It would be the best if you don't use the delay script. If you don't take out your enemies fast. you will end up hundreds of NPCs attacking you. You can use Waypoints(or Triggers not sure), to activate one wave. This is good if the player is going somewhere. If it stands still and just waits for the enemies to come, you should create an "if" script I guess, which will activate the next wave when the previous wave is killed.

  19. I hope your grandfather will be all right and I wish him salubrity.

  20. Why? Are those things that great?:D

  21. Oh we were having a party:D Great! Heh just kidding but you didn't miss too much.

  22. Hey my friend, I am plannign an update for my mod soon so I want to ask when will the files will be ready?

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