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  1. I think this is the shoulder but better test it in-game:)


  2. I believe I know but I'm not sure....I'll give you a pic where I think it is in a moment and thanks:D

  3. Hey ner' vod I would ask you to do something(again:p). Remember that TOR skin you made for me? I want to ask you to make the same skin in these colours: red, yellow and modified black one. By "modified" I mean:

    Put a Mandalorian symbol on the shoulder, and if you can put some battle-damage on the armor. Just leave me a VM if you can do it:)

  4. Thanks for the links! I think I'll begin to learn mapping for FoC:DIt looks interesting. And it's the morning here, so I'm sorry if I should know but I don't know what are you talking about(piano)

  5. Yes it does:D

  6. Allright I'm back. Now let's begin with the review:D

    VERY NICE MAP! VERY VERY NICE MAP! Maybe it's because that is my first play in a custom map but it looks GREAT! There are some wierd signs after the map name what you said, but there is no Star Destroyer:( There is some kind of SD texture on the ground but nothing else. I checked every square and the middle but there is nothing.(And holy ....! I wasn't expecting a Sarlacc in the middle of everything:xp:)

    Tell me Ulmont is it easy to make maps? Because I would have loads of fun with it:D

  7. Okay I know the rest just the Custom Maps wasn't clear. I'll be back in a few minutes then.

  8. I don't have a custom maps folder, should I create something inside the "Mods" folder?

  9. So I could experience it in-game?

  10. Well since I never heard of that, I don't have it:D(Don't expect me to have everything, I just bought FoC a few days ago:xp:)

  11. Hope your KTool will work:) I'm really glad to help because you inspired me to start modding with your tutorials, and now I'm here. So it was some sort of payback or something, but I would have helped anyway:D

  12. Well I'm a patient man(kinda:xp:) so if it takes 3 months or more, don't waste your time with it, because the mod will finish(hopefully)

  13. Awwwwwwww......that's bad. But I want cutscenes and I don't have the skill/patience/time to create them with some 3d modeller program:xp:

  14. Yeah I have both EaW and FoC but what is TF?:xp:

  15. I will try to include it then:D

  16. Sadly the Mandalorians look......bad. They all look like Canderous(from TSL):/

    And I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything with this, but there is a sweet Mandalorian tank in FoC named Canderous-Assault Tank:


    Also I found a nice mod which will help a LOT in cutscenes:D


    What do you think? Should I involve that tank somehow in the mod?

  17. Actually I have some really good news(at least it is good for me:D). We talked about making Mandalore for my mod. You informed me about the terrain, but it was a little bit hard to imagine it without any screenshots or something. I bought Empire at War: Forces of Corruption a few days ago, and guess what! They have Mandalore in it:D And EaW/FoC has a "Battle Cam" option so I can make good cutscenes without gmax:D Anyway your info was good, Mandalore is a rainy grassland-like planet like Dxun:)

  18. Wow, I'm just checking the forums...............nothing exciting. Checking your profile 78 friends and Veteran?! Nice:D I'm curios what will be your custom title:p

  19. LOH has everything I have done for the SpaceStation mod, I gave him thefiles, just in case I lose something. But I can do it.

  20. Allright then....I will get back to modding:D

  21. I noticed MTS has been banned but why? Do you know?

  22. Hey just checked the Guild of Mand'alors, but I haven't found too many new posts.I'm disappointed:carms: Actually not(:D) but still I'M curious to why:D

  23. I will, if I have the time, you could've noticed I haven't posted anywhere a while ago, that's because I'm working on my mod so hard. But I will join sometimes:D

  24. I got it now.

  25. Hey Bryan, when you finished your important work, can you help me with that helmet model?

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