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  1. Maan, I bet you and MTS sh*t a brick when the both of you noticed that.


    Well I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure that they will figure it out soon. and hopefully restore your post counts as well.

  2. Well I thought about that, but they usually tell you right off through a PM whether or not they deleted your posts because it was spam, etc. No, I think something else is going on like maybe a hacker or a virus.

  3. Okay I see, yep they are. And you know what - I'm missing about four of them as well. Must be something going on with the server - possibly a hacker.

  4. How an the hell did you and MTS get knocked down to Lurker all of the sudden, and what happened to all those posts you made?

  5. Lol, alrighty then, I gotta go Laura. But I'll let ya know how things are progressing with the tut's as I write them. :)




    P.S. Got more Friends. :thmbup1:


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    I just realized that you made friends with a couple of buddies of mine, and that's great. So if you want to know who's who, who to avoid, who's the Lucasforum bullies, and who's nice, etc. don't hesitate to ask Mandalore The Shadow and Te Mirdala Mand'alor about that. (I call them MTS and Me T for short) They've been on these forums a hell of a lot longer than I have, so there going to know a lot more than me and what's going down...yo.


    Anyway, thought I'd let you know that little tid bit.

  6. Sweet! Problem solved. I'll get started on writing something for ya, might take me awhile since I've never written a tutorial before - but I think I can get it done.


    Btw, how is your newly modded head in your TSL game going?

  7. Better yet, and I just realized something, do you have Abode Reader (any ver. should work) because I can convert the Tutorials into PDF's for you to read.

  8. Well I was trying to write a tut for you to go by, for making portrait's and modding heads, I was going to do it in just plain wordpad. But the damn thing doesn't like JPG images.


    How about Microsoft Office or OpenOffice 2.0 ( which is an alternative to Microsoft Office) ?

  9. Talk to ya later Scav, I hearth someone callth my name.

  10. Well, I gotta go Te M. But I'll be back later and probably yackth at you then. :)

  11. Surly ye jest, oh Scav one. :) My englth....englist...eng - Oooh who the hell am I kidding, your right.

  12. Thou shalt find one Te M ( mindth if I call you that) for I say it shall eventually happen. THE PURE ONE HASTH SPOKEN, so it shall be.

  13. THE PURIFIER HAS SPOKENTH.....I mean spoken. AND NOW YOU KNOWTH.....damnit...I mean know.


    *grumble* what the hell *grumble*

  14. Annoying niece you sayth, well that's why you need one of those holcron prison thingy's like in the BOS mod. Solveth all your troubles, it will.

  15. Well that's considered modding, or modifying as the orignal term means. So even though your not modding kotor, your still modding something. Known what I mean?

  16. Laura, do you have Microsoft Works on your computer?

  17. Do you mean changing up the look of some already made skins, pics, etc.? Adding more of your own touch never the less, is that what ya mean?

  18. Busy , busy these days with college classes and everything else that traverse my little world - know what I mean?


    And for you sir, is it the same or less?

  19. I figured you would love Gimp and btw if you do any little thing on some Kotor skins (change colors, add textures, etc.) than that would be considered modding.


    Soooo, welcome to modding - you've just taken your first step into a larger world.


    How's was that, a little bit overated? Too much, too soon?

  20. Naw, I meant do the same to him. You know "an eyeth for eyeth" etc. :D

  21. My worldth has been grea...grut...graaa....Okay, now it's just getting ridiculous. Anyway, everything is fineth - I mean fine.


    How's your modding experiance comning along?

  22. Has thou been a goodth boy lately? The T - Mand'alorth one has been complainth about ye.

  23. Me thinks he is, Oh T - Mand'alor one. Ye shouldth do the sameth.

  24. Thanks. Alrighty then, I'll take a little looksey.

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