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  1. Alrighty, I'll yack at ya later Scav.

  2. Figured out the rest of it did ya? If so, congrads. :)



    BTW, if you decide that you didn't like the way it came out while doing the laso, copy, paste, etc. Just go to the top of the program's window and click on EDIT, a white page will pop up and at the top of that page you will see something like:


    Undo Free Select




    Undo Paint..........etc.



    Then just click on that several times until it backsteps your moves to the point of where you want and maybe even to where you had started at first.

  3. Now go back to the pic that your gonna copy the image from, then right -click on the image inside the outlines. When you do - you should see a small white page pop-up that says:







    click on Edit or highlight it, another page to the right or left of that should pop-up. Then click copy.

  4. Okay next, do the same thing in your other pic - outline the area that your gonna paste too.

  5. What do you mean - the toolbox?

  6. Alrighty, click on the Free Select tool in your toolbox (the thingy that looks like a small rope laso near the top of toolbox). Draw and outline around the part of the picture that you will be soon pasteing on to the other pic. Get back to me when ya done that.

  7. Do you have both pictures opened up with GIMP, and seperately?

  8. Well I use Gimp myself and I've really grown to like it. There is a lot of things you can do with the sucker.


    Here, download 2.6.7 and see for yourself. When ya get to the webpage click on Download GIMP 2.6.7




    After you've installed it on your computer, doubleclick on one of your pictures that you have and open it up with gimp. And play around with it for awhile just to get the feel of it...you'll see. :)

  9. And don't forget using Gimp or Photoshop either, doing a few simple changes on some Kotor textures is an easy way to getted started on your modding know-how.

  10. I don't know GTA, whenever I try to stir things up - I get into a whole lot of deep crud. That's always been my luck though.

  11. Well if ya ain't got your health, you know what they say-


    Bored huh, well why don't you try your hand at modding Ner'vod. It's fun - kills time too.

  12. Lol. Good reply.


    But still, looking at that pic makes my spine want to crawl out from beneath me. I'll never look at Princess Leia the same way again "yoo-u-u dirty dooog". *quote's Daffy Duck* :)

  13. You don't know the poowwerrr of the pixel deleting side. MuHa - MUHAHAHAHAHA *cough**aack*cough**cough*

    Son-of-a.......I think I saw dust that time.



    Anyway..all jokes aside, how are things going?

  14. Does it come with extra pixels?



  15. Hey, nice Avatar Scavangerman.


    Kinda reminds me of my Avatar.

  16. Yes, but very slowly. :ninja2::)




    Hey Scav, you every do any modding?

  17. Here is the ISBN number if you want to look it up or something


    ISBN: 978-0-7387-0980-2


    I recommend it, it goes into more depth and understanding of how to use the Tarots for additional purposes - not just diviation.

  18. Hey, thanks for replying back to me on the VM Scav, and I'm really sorry I missed your returned reply's too....because that's really too bad and here's why:


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
    Now normally I would have replyed back to you if you would have replyed back earlier, but you took so damn long...so now I'm gonna hafta lock you out of my profile.......You know what, I'm feeling really frisky today - so I'm just gonna lock you out everybody else's as well and yours too.....just for the hell of it. :lock:


    Now Scav, don't go flamning me because I'm just doing my job - you ner'vod ( what the hell does that mean anyway :raise:) and if you do: Weeell, I'm just gonna have too give your avatar pixel points (that's where we start removing pixels from your avatar btw) and the more you flame me the more pixel points your avatar gets; until it is completely deleted - you got that. :cop:




    Lol, I'll be back too yack at ya later on buddy. :D

  19. Hey MTS, we never got to continue our conversation about Tarots, but I wanted too ask you if you ever have seen this book:


    Portable Magic

    Tarot Is The Only Tool You Need

    Author: Donald Tyson


    Have you heard of it?

  20. Hello there Scavman, whhhaaat's uuuuupp!


    Finished school for the day?

  21. Yep, French is a really good one too.


    Scav I got to head on out, but I'll shoot the bull with you later dude. And remember, like me and MTS said: stay out of trouble - alrighty.

  22. Yeah I figured it is, but once again Congrads.


    Dude, I just realized the time - hate to leave the conversation ,but gotta go.

    I'll yack at ya later.

  23. Hey Scav, being able to speak another language will get you in good with the ladies.:naughty: Know what I mean?

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