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  1. Well sir, let me enlighten you. Here is a couple of my favorite songs by them, but not all of there songs are to my taste in music.


    This one is called "Love You to Death." I think this song was used in one of the Chuckie movies. (Just ignore the swirly tie-dye psychedelic crap, it was the best recording I could fine on YouTube.)


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    And this one is called "September Sun."

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    There really are a Gothic Band, but they're not like most Goth Bands. They have a unique sound, I think. I believe they came out and hit the seen around the mid 90's, not sure about that though.

  2. Shiiit man, some dick stole my orignal cassette tape back when I was a teen in high school, stole it right out of my f*cking locker. :cry6: But at least I got the CD now, better than nothing I guess.


    But yeah your right, not to many like the Oz Man anymore.


    How about Type-O-Negative, what ya think of them?

  3. Personnally, I liked "Shot In The Dark" even better, but (Eat ****) "Bark At The Moon" wasn't to bad either.

  4. Well tell him he should shave, cause he's maulting hair everywhere. AaaaWhooooooooooooo! Down boy, down.....I - said - down damnit!


    Lol, What's up Scav-man?

  5. Ppssss! Hey!


    You know this guy?


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    The hairy basterd won't stop sniffing around my door at night. I may hafta bust a cap in his friggin' a$$.

  6. Just makin' it, day by day. But there's always room for improvments, know what I mean?

  7. Hey MTS, how's everything going?

  8. Thank you for your comment Tommycat, in the "moan and groan" thread. I really wish I had told her that exact same thing you mentioned, when she did tell me to "grow a pair." It probably would have been less traumatic for me in the end, if I had dumped her then. And I hope I do find someone better who can appreicate me for who I am, as time goes on. Anyway, thanks again for your support sir.


    btw, I just noticed that you are about 3 years younger than me, so you must have come across some woman like that in your lifetime? Well maybe.

  9. I really appreciate your comment JAE, in the "groan and moan" thread. I don't believe that every woman is like that either. And I hope that I do find that special someone...oneday, I really do.


    Once again, Thanks Jae.

  10. Thank you sir, for the comment in the Moan and Groan thread, and I hope I do find someone better oneday.


    Once again, Thanks.

  11. I couldn't say Scav, I don't know what he's gonna do really.

  12. Well I'm glad you will be, doing messeges that is. But still yet, sorry about the not being able to post anything for awhile. I feel for ya man, I really do. In the meantime, if wanna shoot the bull - just VM and PM me anytime. I'm always checking my messeges here on LF.


    And you'll get through this, I promise.

  13. Lol.....Indeed. o_Q




    THE PURIFIER HAS SPOKEN, LET NO MAN or woman CONTRADICT MY WORDS! :carms: *everyone hears thunder in the distance*



    I bid you farwell, good sir.



    Bye, bye - for now. :)

  14. True.


    Anyway, I think he will...it's hard to stay away from these forums. Especially when there are so many livily individuals who post and lurk here, you never know what your going to find on LF. Hopefully something hysterical as well as great mods from modders. Known what I mean?

  15. Lol, weeeell I'm glad that's all it was. I was beginning think something else was happening, like a virus or something.


    You think MTS is going to come back, are do you think he's disgusted with everything that's happened - and never return again.

  16. BTW Te M, I noticed you got your posts and title back, that's good. I know that means a lot to you.


    So now I will do a dance for ya.





    What happened anyway?

  17. Naw, besides being cooly insane. I just wanted to delete some stupid old posts that I made a few months ago. I had just discoverd that you could do that see, and all this time I didn't know that. Boooy did I get delete happy or what? MuHawhawhawhaw...





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    I also wanted to prove to anybody of how much I really care about having a title under my name. Check out the VM that I left MTS last night, you'll see what I'm talking about and why J7 sent me a VM earlier today. Anyway like I said, don't need it and don't want it.
  18. "You are a crazy person purifier."


    :nut: Yeah, I know - ain't it cool. :D

  19. Scav, gonna hafta split because I need to go and take care of something, but you know I'll be back to yack at ya later. Sinara.


    P.S. Look who's back down too Rookie again, MuHawhawhaw....yep that's how much I care about titles alright. Maybe I need to go all the way back to lurker again....Muhawhawhawhaw!*cough* cough* MuHawhawhawhawhaw *cough* Damnit!

  20. *drops jaw* Whaaaaaaat! Oh, you gotta see Underworld and the second movie that came after that. You'd love it Scav.


    And hey....there's nothing wrong with taking an intrest in Lycanology - sounds like fun too.

  21. :argh: Oooh....yeah, that's right it is isn't it? Hey, what got your intrest in that all of the sudden?


    Have you been watching Underworld or something? :)

  22. Yep, and I totally see your point on that. Hell, I know I've been guilty of getting caught up in the spamming frenzy myself every once in awhile. When I look back on some of my old posts, I ask myself "Now why the hell did I type that?"


    :) But hey, I just dicovered that you can delete your on posts, soooo.....MuHawhawhawhaw....time for some pruning of my posts.


    There's one that I really wish that I could delete though, but it's in a locked thread. :(

  23. Hmmm, can't say that I have seen any Scav. What's that about anyway?


    (Ooh, ooh, did see that there went another one? I think I'm starting to get delete happy.)

  24. Yes Scav, now watch this buddy - keep an eye on my post counts. (Oh, Oh, there goes another one, now you see them, now you don't MuHawhawhawhawhawhawhaw.) Is he going to go back to rookie? THAT'S INSANE!

  25. Just keep a stiff upper lip MTS, and don't let this incident get you down. I know it's tough - I can only imagine the thoughts racing through your mind right now as well as the emotions. But your a LEO, and when the tough get's going....well, Leo's get even more tough, right? ;)


    One more thing to remember, you've got two years or more of membership on these forums. You might not think it, but that says a lot for someone like you. Hell, I've seen some members with the title of rookie and have nearly 9 years of membership on these forums. Personally I'd prefer no title myself, and I really mean that. (So let anybody else take me up on that statement, that reads this.) I've got my name, my avatar, and my sig, and that's all I friggin' need.


    But like I said, don't let this get you down, just keep on rolling and put it behind ya, okay. ;) And please stay in touch, don't fade away - besides we've got so much more to dicuss of a topic that others ridiculed you and me about :)

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