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  1. Sinful. :D



    You know, I'm glad to see MTS posting again. And with a new avvy.

  2. Nice too see you back in the game MTS, and I like the new avvy.

  3. Bold statement with your sig, Scav. :raise:



    Show spoiler
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    And may those who read it, and they know who they are, be forever irritated by it. Hehehehe, yeah. :thmbup1:

  4. Nice Avatar. Hmmmmm, It speaks to me and it says: I am one badass headhunter and I will shrink your a$$, then eat you and smile. BAAHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!


    OOOOGLA OOOOGLA OOOOOGLA! :eyeraise: *spit*

  5. Back at ya, ner'vod. :)



    Yack at ya later Scav

  6. He-he. Well will find out soon if the moderators start pruning again. Hey I thought you were going to church Scav?

  7. Wwwhhhhhaaaaaat? Now what makes you think that. LOL (just kidding) Anyway, your going to find a lot of people Scav, who may or may not like you. It has to do with the way they think and their ego's, which often gets in the way of their thinking. You know - the: "I'm better than you" pompus type thinking. Know what I mean?

  8. Sinara' Scav, enjoy. :D





    P.S. I think he likes you.



  9. Hey Scav, I don't know if you know this are not, but when you post in the GAME FORUMS those posts don't count. Don't know why, but they just don't for some reason....not that it really matters.

  10. I think Mur'phon just burned you SCAV.

  11. Yeah because the name was unique man, it just had that aurora about it were it said to everybody - I'm cool, and you know it.

  12. Ooh thank god! Maaann I was hoping you would say that. :D


    But I still like Scavangerman better.

  13. Nooooooooooooooo! You changed your name SCAV! Why! Why! WWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY! :cry8:


    Nice new name though, but what the hell am I suppose to call you for a short name now, hmmmmmm? :raise:

  14. [Arnold's puny student] Ya, Ya, I seez - no beingz a girly man u sayz. *slaps hands together* Then zhat meanz I will have to pumps me upz, ya....I do zhat right now. :D



    *Arnold's puny student try's to lift up 500 pd weight while making Arnold S. like grunts*


    Huuuumph....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh *stops and sucks in air, try's to lift it one more time* Huummph.....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh -yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *just then an unusal popping noise comes out from behind Arnold's puny student while straining.* POP - pit - prrrrrrrrrrrrrip -pit-pit-pit! *He blows out his anal cavity*:(

  15. Well damnit young man, give me some of that awesomeness. Cause you know, that your suppose to share with your friends don't you?

  16. That wasn't an alien, that was a sloth having a bad hair day. Seriously.......a really bad hair day!

  17. I backed up your Leif Ericson Day thread with a link to wikipedia, and made a daring statement. Now watch the sh*t fly. MuHawhawhawhawhawhaw!


    Btw, I love what has been done to your avvy. Nice, very nice.

  18. *ahem* Ahhhh yeah....I knew that. :ninja2: *looks around* :D

  19. Scav says your 76% nerd.



    What would be the other 25% my young friend?


    Maybe "insane" like me? :eyeraise: MuHawHawHawHaw! *cough*cough*ah hack*ah hack*.........*ahem*.....:raise:...Yeah....that's all I got.



  20. S.O.S SCAV. Not much to tell really.


    And you Ner'vod?


    (Lol, god I love that word, you young whipper-snappers can come up with some crazy meaningful words.)

  21. :eyepop AHH!-AHH!-AHH! PUT IT BACK ON! PUT IT BACK ON! For godsakes! PUT -THE - HAIR - BACK - ON! :migraine:



    Lol. Good one Scav. :D

  22. Yeah that was my biggest problem I think, fear of being alone. But I did finally see the light near the end of it all, and figured that being alone was way better than putting up with that crap.


    One thing about her was her "I don't trust men attiude" towards me, which really annoyed the hell out of me at times. Not that I didn't blame her for thinking like that, especially since she suffered years of abuse from other men.


    So I took it with a grain of salt and figured that maybe sometime down the road in our relationship, that she would change her mind and eventually believe that not all men were evil abusers. But things of course didn't turn out that way, like I wanted.


    Also, I believe her domineering ways halfway through our relationship, was really the result of all that physical and sexual abuse she suffered in her past years by other men. In other words, I guess she decided to take her man-hate revenge out on me because she knew that she could get-a-way with it.

  23. Now what be aleing ya with your GIMP artwork Scav? Arrrrgh!

  24. Yeah, I'd say that's probably the reason why I like some of there songs. I really don't listen to any other Goth bands. And Black metal and Death metal, not my scene man, I'm an old Heavy Metal Head Banger who love's the 80's Hair bands of the good old days. Like: RATT, Motley Crue, Metallica, Van Halen, Scorpions, and of course OZZY just to name a few, Lol...a few indeed.




    Not to much of a Manson fan either, although I do like that one song by him "Beautiful People"


    What about Alice in Chains, now I know you've heard of them?

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