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  1. Quuuiiit brrragging you!

    Naw, I'm just kidding - but that's great none-the-less.

    I gotta a long ways to go yet.

  2. Yeah, public schools these days suck don't don't they?

  3. Hello there MTS, enjoying your new title?

  4. Yooouuu lucky dog. I wish I could of done that, instead of going to public school.

  5. Hidey - Ho there Mando Bounty Hunter type person.


    Got out of school early, huh?

  6. Congrads on your SENIOR MEMBERSHIP MTS, been a long time coming huh?


    Well, anyway may the post be with you..always buddy :thmbup1:

  7. I think he was wearing a cup, my foot really hurts dammnit.

  8. BAAAM! *purifier does a hit and run on rc-2212payback's family jewels*


    Sorry man, Scavangerman told me to do it! :giveup: I swear!

  9. Yea, I figured that's what you meant, but I wasn't sure. Anyway I sent you a PM about it before I saw your visitor message. Sorry.

  10. Yep, can't blame you for saying that. I'm ready for it too.

  11. Well I heard there was another group working on it, but that doesn't mean anything does it? I dunno..maybe one of them will come through for us, at least I hope they do anyway?

  12. Yeah, your right on that - joking or not. I always got the feeling that they did rush it out to the stores just to make a quick buck. But thank god for modders though. Hopefully the groups that are trying to restore the missed content to TSL will have done soon.

  13. LucasArts Trying to Keep us from Fully Enjoying TSL???


    Master Shake, what's the story behind this - I've never heard of this; could you please clarify? Thanks.

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