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  1. The beskar'gam colors of my Mandalorian character, Dahcik Starkiller are red and black. It doesn't really mean anything, he just likes those colors. You can read the whole story I posted in the Mission Story Thread in the Arc Mod group. It's pretty interesting.

  2. I just have to say this but, your avatar reminds me of Hondo Karr from the Star Wars: Legacy comic series, when he is wearing his armor. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Hondo_Karr Even though the Mandalorians had a small part in it, they were still beast. I'm kind of sad now that the series concluded recently. BTW, this is the comic series, http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars%3A_Legacy

  3. Check out the story I made, about the SOC Unit clones and the Mandalorain trainers.. http://www.lucasforums.com/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=833

  4. What picture is that in your avatar?

  5. What is that picture in your avatar?

  6. Are you a member of Carbonite Modders? If you aren't, would you like to join and help us with the Arc trooper Mod? If you are interested talk to Ulmont or Hokeygoalie35.

  7. It has improved a lot since then.

  8. Just wondering... Do you play Runescape? Me, Gamma, and Mandalorian Mercenary do.

  9. Thanks for the picture vod.

  10. You mentioned something about snowmobiling? Do you live in Canada or some place where it snows all the time?

  11. You've got to read the Dachik Starkiller story if you're a Mando'a fan. RC# 38 liked it. It's in the Arc Lounge.

  12. Hooper where have you been all this time?

  13. Alright so have you drawn Dachik Starkiller yet? Remember his colors are blue, green, black, and silver. Also I wrote the story of Dachik and his terrible secret and posted it in the ARC lounge.

  14. Check out the new story I posted. You'll like it. It's my master piece.

  15. Check out the latest thing I posted in the Arc Lounge.

  16. Check out the latest thing I posted on the Arc Lounge.

  17. Check out the latest thing I posted on the Arc Lounge.

  18. Check out the latest thing I posted in the Arc Lounge.

  19. Check out what I edited and put there.

  20. Hey RC#38 remember that story you wrote for Alpha Squad a while back? I wrote my own story. It's in the Arc Lounge Thread if you want to read it.

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