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  1. All I need is somebody to make this picture transparent: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  2. While unlike others I do enjoy WoW, but personally, one of my favorite MMO's was Dark Age of Camelot, although since I haven't played it in years it's probably not as good as I think.
  3. While I'm not exactly a fan of the Beastie Boys, I do hope he doesn't end up dead.
  4. Maybe I'm the one, maybe I'm the one, who is, the scizophrenic psycho, yea, maybe I'm the one, maybe I'm the one, who is, the scizophrenic psycho... This is in the song Psycho by Puddle of Mudd, and the reason it's my favorite is because I accidentally listened to it while downloading mods for KotOR a year or so back, so it's become both A. The KotOR2Files song, and B. One of them songs that makes you feel younger somehow.
  5. Don't you think Nintendo could solve the problem somewhat by, oh I don't know, creating a glove that's not easily penetrated with glass? Personally when I played the wii, we moved it to the empty room in our house that had served as a guest room and since there's nothing there but a TV that would break if you hit it with the wiimote, we figured that place was better than anywhere else.
  6. If anyone does this, it certainly WON'T be SithSpecter.
  7. Seeing as last night I dreamt I was standing in a room full of people who's teeth fell out one tooth by one, I'm sure I wouldn't notice the 'abnormal dreams'
  8. I hope you're not serious, for your own safety, put a JK thing there, or face the wrath of some people.
  9. So uh, yeah, no. ZIS THREAD IS FOR MINDFOOKS.
  10. What's your favorite? Now I'm not talking about the picture kind, though those can certainly apply; I'm talking about videos that are just... awkward at best and shouldn't exist but do and it kinda wierds you out. Post your favorite Pic and or Video, for me it's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR5VQqtP2u0&feature=channel Be very, VERY, warned, you WILL go .
  11. Granted, but you quickly find after drinking that it was full of cat diarrhea. I wish that Liam Neeson would tell me Bedtime stories, every night when I go to sleep.
  12. Granted, but it's written extremely badly. I wish I had a pool full of Dr. Pepper.
  13. And in remaining inconspicuous he was allowed to kill more of the bad people. Necessary deaths happen for greater goals in games.
  14. Well yes, but if you go back to my first post and read the edit's I made, I experienced two traumatic experiences that might make you think I'd have been a bully myself, taking up the family issues slot, but the wierd thing is, I didn't. I was the nice guy in school, the funny one who helped you out when you needed it, and I mean, sure, I had my anger problem, but otherwise I didn't really have anything wrong with me, or so people thought, truth was, I was screwed up in the head, questioning philosophy and whatnot by age 10, and I was generally alone, the kind of alone where you have the friends and things, but there is a whole different field in your brain that nobody in society but yourself is in. Not a single person could understand me, not in the Emo Teenager Moron way of wearing black, listening to screamo, and such, no, I hid all of it behind a mask of wholesomness so at least in some ways I was not alone, and could gain trust and then when the friends were gained teach them my ideals and how I see things, to which they saw as correct, but the point is that despite being flawed, I was not the Bully kind of flaw, and yet not one I've ever met has managed to be like me, ever.
  15. For 1, Agent 47 is NOT evil, if you think about it, and from what I can remember from the games, everyone he took down was a criminal in one way or another, pretty much making him a good guy. For 2, While that may be true, what I'm asking is why they themselves are Evil, because making us feel better than them is obviously not their goal.
  16. Let me start off by saying I have experience with Evil, which is explained later on, but anyway, the thing that just mind boggles me, is how some people are just evil, from school bullies to mass murderers, I still can't figure out why. And it's not just the world, it's in these games too, and it's even worse then. Now I love Fallout 3, and I occasionally look up videos that people have made in it, but then I saw somebody do the Evil ending, I just got mad at that point because, WHY!? Why would you do that!?! And I can understand the occasional frenzy killings then loading an autosave after a game annoys you, which I in fact have done quite a few times, but it's the torturing and all that that just bugs me to no end, the NPC's being constantly entitled 'Misunderstood' when they're just total douches for no better reason than someone has to be. Just the other day I walked by a School playground fence and heard a kid shoving a New Student around just so, and I quote, "To show this little geek that I rule, and he's nothin' but trash." I hopped over the fence and shoved that punk in the ground then spit in his eye when he flipped over, and I am NOT ashamed of it. Oh yes, there's also ANOTHER Evil, well, Evil isn't really the word for it, but instead just rude. Now I've been in trouble with the Law, when I was a kid I had anger issues and well, I pushed my teacher, but that's not the point, I was put in front of the police officer and he actually, just for a push, started going off about how he'd love to put me in jail for years if he could, and I was 1 inch away from poking his eye out and kicking him in the groin because that's just uncalled for, sure, he may have been teaching me a lesson, but C'MON, do you REALLY have to go to that level? Oh yes, and another thing, Murder. I know Murder, when it happens to your family or friends, it's just shocking that someone took them away from you, took away a good soul just for fun, or whatever reason. When I was a kid I was, well, Kidnapped, and by who you wonder? My own Father. Took months to get me back and him in Jail, but my mother pulled it off, then heres the next bit of evil in my Childhood: My Mom Re-married to a good guy, my stepdad, who was better than my scum dad than anyone else, and then a few years later growing up I learned that my Grandpa was killed by a Robber, and I know he wasn't my real Grandfather, because he was my Step Dad's dad, but I still liked him alot, and it was just shocking when I found out about it, and the worst bit was all I could remember of him was his cheery face when he saw the glee on mine after he gave me a set of toy cars that were made of wood for the rest of my life, in fact, to this very day. What's your take on the Evil, and please, no discussions about how Fallout sucks or that I'm a douche for doing what I did, and please for the love of god, DON'T bug me about the officer thing, I get enough of that whenever I come into contact with my parents. (P.S., I gave the picked on kid a hug and a bit of money as a reward for dealing with that.)
  17. I could do it, but I'd probably get arrested for public nudity because I don't work at that company, and most of my co-workers wouldn't be so eager to see somebody's shlong. Oh yea and Avery? I'm with you on the shorts and air on the legs thing.
  18. Good on ya, mate! Ok, enough with the impersonation-that-is-probably-just-a-stereotype-of-Australians. My best friend is trying to give the habit the finger, but does the stuff you used work to get rid of the habit work? If so I'll probably recommend him to it. Go buy yourself a Cookie or two, my friend, that way in the future you can look forward to kickin' the eating habit!
  19. I love you too, you chakaar.

    Nah I'm just kidding.

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