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  1. Looks like Dr.Kleiner accidentally got on the rocket when it was launched, instead of Lamarr. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  2. ^At least HIS avatar isn't angry, but I'd still like to know what that thing is.
  3. Congratulations, Shemmy! But, like with all ultrasounds, it looks messed up, and I must comment on it: That thing looks like a half bird, half human. Am I the only one that sees it? Well anyway, got any ideas for names?
  4. What's with all the angry Avatar's lately? Sabretooth, GTA... I preferred that one black and white avatar with the hat, beard and glasses you had before.
  5. Not terrifying, I don't wear flip flops, and on the extremely rare occasion I do, I wear socks as well, thus, this could never happen. Going home to find Michael Myers in your house, and he's pissed at you.
  6. True, but if you read my post, I actually mention the Strategy Guide's recommended path/canon.
  7. Seeing as they give us free choice of where to go in the galaxy (sort of), I was wondering how you go through the games? Do you choose the recommended path of Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Korriban, or Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa, Dxun, Onderon, Korriban, etc. Or do you choose your own path? If you choose your own, what is it?
  8. ^Bane can has anger management? Also, because I'm a smart*** sometimes, what?
  9. I do believe you did things wrong when it comes to that. This thing:
  10. Not really scary, but more of making someone a tad suicidal. Spending some 'Alone Time' with my avatar.
  11. ^Did you seriously put your old username as your custom title? I mean, what?
  12. The Up-to-Date Mummy. Okay, this isn't from Picture Is Unrelated, but it makes no damn sense so it might as well be: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  13. It's sad to think game companies are starting to refuse to make games on PC just because of the pirates. I mean, it's not like you can't pirate a game on the Xbawx...
  14. Look, it was hard to focus on the OT when you re-did it and added all the extra **** in there Prequel Style, GL, the last thing we need is for it to seem like Blaster Bolts are flying at us to distract us from the story.
  15. ^Will never change his avatar even though he probably KNOWS it's too small to read.
  16. First, this belongs in the Outlander club, it seems more like. Second, because Lionhead are jerks.
  17. ^"There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism.---Teddy Roosevelt" Oh man, if he were here today, he'd be upset.
  18. But I like Dr.Evil more! Stop playing games.
  19. ^Did he color his armor with paintballs? Must be hard.
  20. But if I do that, I might die! Don't come up with an idea for my next avatar.
  21. But I own the bank! Punch Totenkopf in the chin.
  22. I'm allergic to people who can't act. Talk.
  23. ^Edit: Dammit Al, you post too early. Anyway, I don't think Dr. Who deserves to be called Dr.Sexy. Maybe you do.
  24. ^So you're the Bane of LF? Does that mean you're a cortosis snorting 2 meter tall ugly bald man?
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