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  1. Good luck Quanon, hang in there!

  2. Oh, and har, did you manage to get that explosion script working? =P

  3. I'll find them next time we see each other at hss, don't feel like searching for them right now.

  4. At least the doctor didn't rape you, eh? =P

  5. The video sucked... I actually went to look into the stuff the guy was convincing me of, and it was another of these psychological consciousness or whatever models, which are in my opinion mostly made up, they take a few points, put them in a system, then make up the rest of the system..

  6. Yum... found the prolonging in there...

  7. Option B as BAD, don't do that! =D

    Do that and I'm not playing your mod lol

  8. The refrain you linked to + the intro were very good. As for the verse.. yuck.. =P

  9. I know I'm a little late, but you were right about the operator. =P

  10. Sorry, won't pull anything language-related on the chatbox again.

  11. hmm... you should try that with VP =P

  12. Nope, I haven't..

  13. Here is what you asked for:



    I haven't included a readme, I'm pretty sure you'll know what to do.. if there are any issues, or something I forgot, tell me..

  14. That particular song, or have you checked out other songs as well?

    By the way, For My Fallen Angel is the only song I know by them. =P

    In any case, glad you like it =D

  15. Can you come to team hssiss? Or is the internet too slow?

  16. Uploaded. I think I explained everything on how to use it. I have also created the camera that was originally supposed to be there, though it fires in the wrong place (I didn't feel like editing the dialog too much, and I couldn't combine it with 903malcam because you didn't send me the xml for the latest version).. so if you like it, combine it with 903malcam, I have sent you the xml along with the dialog, camera and everything else.

  17. Yeah, my school decided to torture me.. =P


    I have checked out the scene, VERY VERY VERY impressive, great work VP!

    I have already added the video effects, to see how it looks with that. I have also started working on the .xls some more, to get a camera that will simply travel along a circle arc.


    Anyways, I may not be able to come on tomorrow, and I don't know yet about Saturday, will keep you posted.

  18. Hey, you can't come to team hssiss?

  19. bead-v

    It's okay =P So your computer is fixed now?

  20. Yeah.. anyways, it seems it really is hard to meet up because of the time difference, so I'll just write everything up in a .doc file and send it your way.

  21. Hey yat, can you come over to team hssiss?

  22. Hey, sorry I haven't seen the message until now... anyways, is that your usual routine? Going to sleep at 4am? =P

  23. Hey VP, want to come over to hssis boards?

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