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  1. Girlfriend voicing security system? That'd be interesting ^^

  2. Yeah, that's the right expression Cyro And you may want to use periods instead of exclamation points, if you put exclamation points all the time it seems like you're constantly excited -Darth Vada From playing RC a lot, there most likely will be animations for 3rd person. The extent of them, however, is questionable. If you've ever used 3rd person in campaign or multiplayer you'll notice that it doesn't move your arms when you perform a melee attack, etc.
  3. Should we delete this thread? Because I highly doubt this works.... ^^
  4. Yeah, a couple people have tried that before. Problem is, there's no firing animation for the left arm...
  5. Happy birthday! well, belated birthday anyways :p

  6. Ohh awesome that'll help, cause I don't speak german Hmmm. What does the DC-16 look like?
  7. No problemo Although Hawk helped you with most of it
  8. It's in the options along with the audio options, graphics settings, etc. should be a nice big button that says "options" on the main menu Hope that helps.
  9. Looks extremely promising! Can't wait to play it! Shab, I wish I was German now
  10. oh you mean my pants. wait what?! I didn't say anything! hahaha xD jk jk! :p

  11. I miss the hot avvy! :( lol

  12. Yeah people always use 3rd person in MP. they shoot at the floor and hit me
  13. thanks so much fraz! :D you rock! :) I've been good, how are you? By the way, do you have a facebook? If so, send me a friend request, my name is Mitchell Youngerman.

  14. Hey ner vod, would you mind sharing your knowledge on how to mod TFU? Skinning maybe? :)

  15. I think it'd be better if the ORIGINAL Starkiller came back in TFU3 and whooped the clone starkiller's butt. Although Juno would flip out and end up in an insane asylum
  16. I prefer 1st person melee, 3rd person is just too...impersonal. I like seeing my character whack that annoying AI in the face
  17. And do you have the stormtrooper skin?


    If you could, please e-mail it to me. I'm going to work on a blaze trooper and stormtrooper commander. nullclassarc@yahoo.com

  18. Hey ner vod, think we could replace Jai's primary weapon with this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_MP7

  19. Hey ner vod, think we could use this as Jai's primary weapon if we could find a mesh? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_MP7

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