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  1. Looks like karma smacked you across the face. Now THAT'S what happens when you leave people behind. :xp:

  2. As Varik was sitting close to the boarding ramp, he looked down to see chaos Zarev killing Republic soldiers, then pinning Light against a wall, and then turning to see Per'dra scream. "Light needs help down there! Avirela, could you heal up my legs, so I could at least be able to walk?" The firing stopped, and then suddenly he heard the sound of metal crushing, and rifles being aimed. "Preferably soon?"
  3. Of course I would!

  4. Honestly, I'd prefer something like the Great Hyperspace War.
  5. Happy Birthday bud! Hope you have a good one! :
  6. "Is this what I'm hearing?", Varik asked incredulously. "What ever happened to 'no man left behind'? Have you forgotten that Kif is in critical condition? If the Republic doesn't kill him then the Sith most certainly will!" "The mission may come first, but that's no excuse for leaving people behind to die because you 'forgot about them'. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Jedi should know better, and especially you. Was he too much of a burden for you? Had you forgotten he put his life on the line for the rest of you?! Did you forget that too?!" Varik was fuming. If only his legs had not been out of condition... "You might've forgotten about Kif, but I sure as hell haven't! Somebody turn this damn ship around!"
  7. Rest in Peace, Admiral Karath. You were a hell of an admiral.
  8. Alright. I sent you a message on Facebook so that it'd be 10x easier to talk about it.

  9. "Varik? Are you alright?" "I guess so.", Varik replied as they went up the boarding ramp. He stumbled out of the speeder, but collapsed on the floor when he tried to walk. He grumbled angrily as he pulled himself to sit against a wall. "Wait a minute." he said aloud as Light and them went up the boarding ramp. "Where's Kif?"
  10. Did we leave Kif behind? If we did, then I could do a thing of him breaking out of the base later on in the RP.

  11. Well if you give up on food then you would die... You could give up on hamburgers though.
  12. Ugh, this time period is so overused it's not even funny. I'll keep my eyes and ears open though.
  13. I almost fell out of my chair when I read your response to RPK. :lol:

  14. LDR

    Don't worry about it. Life sucks sometimes. :)

  15. Kotor Files has been down for almost 2 years now. I don't think they do anymore.
  16. "When he grabbed your arm...I felt something in the force. I'm not exactly sure what it was though. Did you feel anything or sense anything when he grabbed your arm? Anything at all?" "He sent me the coordinates of a system; I think it's where Voleran is.", Varik paused for just a moment, looking again at the mental image in his mind. "It's...Taris. We have to go to Taris!" He looked as Light decapitated the Sith Councilor. "A shame, but it's for the best. Rest in peace." He turned and saw Corsail, and smiled. "Good to see you aren't dead. You took quite a beating."
  17. Psst. What planet did he send to me?

  18. Good idea. I enjoy breaking people's hearts. Losing your guitar pick. And having guitar practice today.
  19. I'll just throw my two cents here. All empirical evidence – as well as plain old common sense – shows that gun control does not prevent violence and only leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless against it, whereas madmen and crooks could still obtain guns (well, most of them already get them illegally). The Second Amendment clearly states: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. And I'll just leave this here.
  20. Impossible. No one knows what that is. Going to a Nickelback concert.
  21. I removed them to make more space for my modding pictures...which didn't work. Uh, you should check out my WIPs and Dak's. Those are the most active at the moment.

  22. He grasped her hand as she pulled him up. "Thank you.", Varik said, before using the Force to reclaim his lightsabers and put them back on his belt. He found himself having to lean on her shoulder in order to stand upright. "Were you the one who killed those troops at the HQ? What do you know about Voleran?" "Before we fought, he asked for me to kill him. And during the fight, I've seen him hesitate numerous times. I think he could be controlled by Voleran. And you said soldiers at the HQ? Maybe he controlled them too?"", Varik added, shifting his weight to alleviate some of the pressure off of Avirela's arm.
  23. Don't worry about them. I found them when I found Dak's old recruitment mod files.

  24. Hey I edited my message - I THINK that's the texture. I remember that there were a few of them, not sure which one you needed. Also, if you need to add something to your posts, just hit the 'edit' button on the lower right side of the screen. Try to avoid double posting, the moderators don't like that stuff. ;)

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