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  1. So I see you've turned Chinese on us, good sir!

  2. Hence why we have a lousy system of government. I think a lot of these problems could have been avoided if we just never started political parties in the first place.
  3. ((I was banking on MissFic or one of the others to post.))
  4. LDR

    GTA V

    Just beat it a few hours ago. I loved it, it was extremely fun. Going on scavenger hunts, however, isn't fun at all. At least it wasn't as bad as it was in GTA IV.
  5. Whatever this skype convo is, I want in. Hope everything's going to be all fine and dandy, Jae!
  6. I suppose you could fiddle with the music.2da file.
  7. Finally got around to posting haha. You should make Jolee show up at Kashyyyk or something.

  8. "Yes Master. The dueling annex is one of my favorite places in the temple to be honest. I was assigned to assist Statira should the need arise during our mission." He nodded, "I happen to be a fan of it as well. It's good for keeping your skills sharp." "Have I met you before, or seen you around? I'd better warn you: not even I have been able to open that door, though I've certainly tried." "Not even you?", he mocked, "It would be wise to eliminate that self-absorbed attitude of yours quickly." "And no, we've never met. But Master Marr has spoken highly of you on several occasions." "So...if I may ask what are you doing here?" Icarus paused for a moment. Another idea had popped into his head. He ignited his double-bladed lightsaber and carved a man-sized hole into the door. "Opening the door.", he responded casually, turning off the lightsaber.
  9. Maybe Icarus could cut it open with his lightsaber. What do you think?

  10. On it! I'm starting to think a brute force method would be the best approach.

  11. And just so you know, I did the math for this, so if Icarus Thaesar entered the Mandalorian Wars with Revan and Malak at age 21, then he would be 58 by the time of this RP.

  12. "Huh? What's that? Is someone coming?" "Glad to see someone else interested in these ruins.", a middle-aged twi'lek responded. Icarus Thaesar had been loitering around this part of the enclave for some time now. He had been unable to crack the lock, most likely due to his rather limited skill in lockpicking. "Dalren, right?", he asked, pointing a finger at the large togruta. "I believe I've seen you down in the dueling annex on a few occasions." He then turned towards the human. "And I know I've seen you before. You're Master Marr's Padawan, correct?"
  13. Ugh, I missed my window.

  14. Well I got my backstory up. I'm going to try to find a way to jump in.

  15. But most of us don't even have our backstories written yet. xD
  16. NAME: Icarus Thaesar SPECIES: Twi'lek GENDER: Male AFFILIATION: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic MASTER: None; Independent ALIGNMENT: Neutral WEAPON: Double-bladed blue lightsaber OCCUPATION: Jedi Knight APPEARANCE: Linky. BACKSTORY: A veteran of the Mandalorian Wars, Icarus was one of the many Jedi that followed Revan into war, and subsequently, fell to the dark side. He became a Jedi-hunter, and was infamous for his rather long list of Jedi slaughtered. Near the close of the Jedi Civil War, he was shown the error of his ways and has since then aided in rebuilding the Jedi Order. To this day he still wears the robes he wore into battle with Revan on that fateful day, as a permanent reminder of his past.
  17. Ehhhh, I guess. If I'm not satisfied with my VO's I'll just let you know.

  18. You really seem to like time skips, don't you? :p

  19. Well I am a sucker for KOTOR. Count me in.

  20. My bad for not posting. I've just been busy with stuff.

  21. Well I for one have no idea how to introduce my character.
  22. I just don't know how to introduce him.

  23. Waah this sucks, I have no idea how to introduce my character. It seems that everyone is in different corners of the world.

  24. We literally posted at the same time.

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