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  1. NAME: Varik Athzaria AFFILIATION: Jedi Order GENDER: Male AGE: 30 SPECIES: Human APPEARANCE: WEAPONS: Two violet lightsabers. (Form VI: Jar'Kai, Form VI: Niman, Form VII: Juyo) EQUIPMENT: Non-hooded red and yellow robes, the same style of the robes worn by the Jedi Crusaders in the Mandalorian Wars. Varik wears these robes to remember his ancestor that fought in the Mandalorian Wars, as well as a grim reminder of what happened to the Jedi that followed Revan. They are made of light, durable material, giving no restrictions in movement - and great flexibility. During combat missions, Varik wears hooded black/gray robes over his standard robes. He also has two cortosis forearm sheaths, which encompass the entirety of his forearms. They are useful for deflecting lightsabers - albeit for a time, as well as swords. OCCUPATION: Jedi Knight (Sentinel) HISTORY: With Hord relinquished from from his mind, Varik is at ease. However, events from his past could plague his future - and he is haunted by his memories of being wrested by Tulak Hord. NAME: Darth Atrion AFFILIATION: Sith Empire GENDER: Male AGE: 34 SPECIES: Half-Human, Half-Sith APPEARANCE: Underneath his mask, he had the standard build of any human. He had silver/yellow eyes, and black hair. The only thing unusual was his red skin tone. (Due to him being both Human and Sith.) WEAPONS: Crimson double-bladed lightsaber. (Form IV: Ataru, Form V: Djem So) EQUIPMENT: Cortosis-laced armored robes. OCCUPATION: Sith Warrior (Marauder) HISTORY: Darth Atrion, birth name Kadus, was a male Sith Juggernaut active in the Cold War. His strict adherence to Sith philosophy often earned him titles such as the Merciless or the Ruthless. He was beaten regularly by his father, Darth Harad, before he joined the Sith Academy - slaughtering all of his competitors in the tombs. Later on in his life, he killed his father, who revealed to him that he beat him in order to make him strong, not out of contempt or hatred. Darth Harad died with the satisfaction of having fathered a successful Sith. Atrion later basked himself in the knowledge of Marka Ragnos, eventually becoming a Sith Marauder. NAME: Kif Lomuta AFFILIATION: Republic GENDER: Male AGE: 35 SPECIES: Twi'lek APPEARANCE: Kif has a moderate build (5'7", 150 lb), and emerald green eyes. He is a Rutian twi'lek. He has discoloration on the area of his face where new skin had been grafted - where he was cut by a lightsaber (dark blue/purple). WEAPONS: Zabrak Tystel Mark III Heavy Blaster, Vibrosword. EQUIPMENT: Rugged custom-made smuggling suit (equivalent to medium armor), Beemon Package implant, Verpine Bond gauntlets, ocular eye implants. OCCUPATION: Freelancing Smuggler. HISTORY: Kif was never the same after he lost his sight. New skin was grafted on his face - where a lightsaber had rendered him blind. However - the skin grafted was rejected by the body - causing a discoloration where it was grafted. His ocular eye implants were strong - but he couldn't shoot as well with a blaster as he used to. He still excelled at pazaak, but he had gained a subtle coldness in his personality.
  2. Sweet! You should bring Corsail back in the new RP too. :D

  3. You should also see about Ol' Mr Cyborg. Light said he's interested but he won't be terribly active. He has other obligations, and quite a few of them.

  4. Chev and I are gonna try and start back up the Darkness Within. You interested?

  5. I think it'd be better to start back up the older RPs. Specifically The Darkness Within. I really want to see that one through to the end.

  6. Oh Fair Strides is going to be all over this. Nice find! I'd imagine the TSL characters are going to be up soon.
  7. Getting your hand consumed by a pitbull sounds particularly horrifying. Oh wait a minute, I misread that too.
  8. I know this isn't what she's asking, but theoretically you could rename existing classes and give them new abilities, if I'm not mistaken?
  9. Even though I don't understand half of this stuff, I just wanted to say that what you're doing is nothing short of amazing. I'm surprised no one else thought of this earlier. Keep the simulations coming!
  10. Oh jeez, that sounds...horrible. But anyways, sure, I guess I can help test it.

  11. KSE won't start up at all for me. It flashes on my screen for a split second and then that's it. I can't seem to access it.

  12. I'm a fan of Force Buzz as well. But all of the ideas are great! Maybe we could set up a few separate podcasts, with each one focusing on a different topic?
  13. I'm really liking these updates! There's only one thing I feel I should critique: Why name it JediKnight.net? At first glance at it, one would think it would be centralized around Jedi Knight: Academy or something.
  14. I rescind what I previously said. I'm not interested in joining your RP at the moment. I feel a little intimidated by you veterans, haha.

  15. Happy birthday, Doctor! Hope it's swell!

  16. I dunno. Maybe. My track record is a little spotty at best.

  17. I'm a Grammar Nazi guy as well, haha. If there happens to be a music section on the forum I wouldn't mind being heavily involved in there. And no, it has nothing to do with me playing guitar. Okay, maybe a little bit.
  18. I thought that the 'all existing sub-forums' would be easier than listing every single thing. Well, everything would be in its own separate subforum in the KOTOR subforum. For example, there would be one section dedicated to modding (which would have sub-forums under that for WIPs, questions, tutorials, releases, etc). Another would be dedicated for bugs and glitches. And yet another would be dedicated for basic gameplay discussion. And finally there would be one for just talking about the lore and the era of the game.
  19. Well I made a very rough layout of a hypothetical LFN redesign. Let me know what you think, and you could feel free to change it as you see fit.

  20. I said I'd do anything to help, and I intend to back it up. I essentially made a basic layout of a possible new LucasForums design based on what Lynk and a few others pointed out. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) http://imageshack.com/a/img20/3695/69d7.png It's pretty rough, but at least we could get a basic idea of what we're trying to do.
  21. Well I'll have you know it is working very well. Then again, you've always been an enigmatic individual.

  22. At the moment we just use DeadlyStream, although according to J7, many of the network issues appear to have been fixed now. The only thing is that the time and date resetting is a network wide issue, and it needs to be restaffed.

  23. I'd be willing to help any way I can, as long as I know what I'm doing, haha. If I'm able to provide it, you'll get it.

  24. Ah, hey there buddy! It's been a while! You should seriously get into the KOTOR modding groove again!

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