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Status Updates posted by Scorge

  1. Just been busy with school and a job as well. I've mainly occupied myself with track and hanging out with friends in my free time.

  2. I've been okay, been popping in here now and then.

  3. Long time no see, what's up?

  4. Eh, been getting back into modding, but other than that I'm pretty good myself.

  5. Pretty late, but welcome to the forums.

  6. Hey man, what's up?

  7. Well Happy Belated! :D

  8. Hello, good sir.

  9. Getting ready for Shadow of Revan?

  10. Hey, RoR doing well in development?

  11. Hey, how long do you have to be in the forum to be considered a "Forum Veteran"?

  12. I may have a track and field meet then, we'll see.

  13. Hey, when's the next time we got talk about the mod?

  14. *casually whistles* Well....that definitely wasn't me. (Or was it hehe.)

  15. That's fine, thank you for telling me.

  16. Hey man, how's RoR? I really can't wait for it to be released and playable.

  17. Welcome to the forums!

  18. Yea, we can still figure out a way to make one. I have a pretty good idea on a story mod that expands throughout 2-3 planets. Star Wars Rogue Jedi (Kinda like a series like KotOR 1 & 2).

  19. Yep I'm fine, just that I've always wanted to release a Total Conversion or Story Conversion. We should seriously make one.

  20. Hey man, how have you been? And do you have skype?

  21. Sorry for the late reply, I might be able to fix it but I don't have KotOR 1 for PC anymore.

  22. Wondering if you are alright. Thought some Sith Assassins took you out.

  23. The hardest part of the school year has past, so I'm pretty free for modding now. :)

  24. No it hasn't. I'm a survivor!!!!!!

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