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  1. Whoa, Return to Monkey Island isn't even out yet but they already made Monkey Island 7!
  2. Thanks for answering that's always been a massive 'what if?' For me. Sweet, I work at a College so I've been holding my breath on whether I'd actually get the day off or not.
  3. Uk fans, Bank Holiday has been approved on the 19th of September. Not sure if schools and colleges will close.
  4. Haha sorry for stirring the pot with that back then for some reason it drove me nuts. Thank you for confirming Tales as the 5th game haha Hey Jake, quick question. If a season 2 of Tales was made was it planned or expected to be called Tales of Monkey Island season 2 or would you have given it a different name?
  5. I admit i definitley poured fuel on that fire back in the day Although my issue with it was slightly different. I took it as Lucasarts wanted to reserve the right make their own Monkey Island 5 later, and were saying that Tales didn't count as a numbered entry and was merely a mini series or spin off. This rubbed me the wrong way and i wanted them to confirm Tales as a 5th entry. I get what the developers were trying to do, to build on the lore and feel like Guybrush never stopped adventuring during the hiatus. Its weird to me though like fictional Red Dwarf series ix or the missing Liesure Suit Larry.
  6. Yup haha I find it kinda awesome that the original april fools got our hopes up for a fake Return to Monkey Island, then many years later Ron gives us a real Return to Monkey Island through a April Fools. It honestly couldn't be more perfect!
  7. Aww drat, for a second I thought they might explain what happened inbetween Escape and Tales. Find out about the lost Monkey Island 5 that Telltale developer's said happened inbetween. Fictional Monkey Island 5
  8. Maybe that's why Guybrush looks so different in Curse of Monkey Island onwards. He got replaced by an imposter after Big Whoop. The game's ending will be the real Guybrush meeting the non-Ron Gilbert Guybrush.
  9. This might sound like a stupid question but is there a risk of the game being delayed due to the Queen's death and mourning period? I heard rumours of the new Nintendo Direct being delayed because of the Queen's death. I imagine things are locked in and too late to change.
  10. Is there a rough idea of when on the 19th September the game will go live? I'm getting it on the switch so not sure when in the day i can play it.
  11. I was very close to mentioning that the sofa feels a little empty. I kinda hope we get some more comments of support from Tim Schafer. Maybe at least a shoutout for the game on release day on twitter.
  12. Came across this photo in one of the articles I was reading. It still makes me so happy seeing Ron and Dave work together again.
  13. Nintendo Life did an interview with Ron and Dave: Click here
  14. I have a lot of faith in Ron and Dave. However... Its better to expect less and get more than to expect more and get less. I want MI1+2 level greatness But I'm expecting a game better than Escape... hopefully on par or even better than Curse But i must say that Thimbleweed Park is one of my favourite modern point and click games. For me it captures alot of the magic of mi1 and 2.
  15. Ha i get you. What i tend to do is check the score and see if Mix n Mojo and Ag like it. Then i play the game and then i read the review properly after finishing the game.
  16. Is it weird i'm really excited for reviews of Return to Monkey Island. I always got excited back in the day when mix n mojo and Adventure Gamers reviewed Tales of Monkey Island and Sam and Max seasons.
  17. I'm hoping so too. Fingers crossed that style of dialogue will make a return. Some good points, I do agree its too early to say what the dialogue trees will be like. Sorry didn't mean to be a downer. I guess maybe I'm trying to manage my expectations as this might be the most hyped i've ever been for a game ever Sorry
  18. Am i the only one a little nervous about the humour in the new game. One of my favourite things about Monkey Island was picking the silly dialogue choice but going by the recent clip the dialogue options all seem very tame with no wacky answers. For example when they ask Guybrush who he is, that's a perfect moment to have a choice of silly dialogue. 'I'm... etc etc' Compare this to when the pirate leaders ask 'what do you be wanting, my boy?' In Secret of Monkey Island. Just a concern of mine.
  19. Dave Grossman : "Return to Monkey Island" is a game about Guybrush wanting to close something in his past that has been left unfinished. It's the same with us: we're going back to something we did a long time ago. I don't think we could have done Return to Monkey Island 10 or 15 years ago. The game as it is was only possible in the here and now. This got me even more excited for the game I love how personal this game is. I'm also still amazed that they aren't shying away from addressing the 'secret'. If i was making the game i'd be scared to address the 'secret'
  20. Me too. Dave being involved was as exciting, maybe even more exciting than Ron coming back for me. I generally thought after Telltale that Dave was done with point and click games and we wouldn't hear from him again. I heard he worked for an audio company or something. I always felt Dave Grossman was the most underrated of the original trio. I still wish we got to see him lead a game project on his own.
  21. Escape has a giant robo monkey, does that give it bonus points?
  22. I wonder if it will be different on the switch? Hoping not too different as I really like this. The puzzle menu on the side of the screen kinda reminds me of the Tales puzzle menu.
  23. Tentacle chow? Was going to take a break from the forums until the game comes out but i missed it too much.
  24. I'm probably going to take a breather from all things Monkey Island and avoid future Monkey Island Mondays, want to go in as blind as possible. I'll be back on when we are days from release see you all soon!
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