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  1. QUICK! If we all post more often the trailer will come out faster. Lets get to 76 pages by tomorrow
  2. Oh man that was me in 2006 when Telltale said they were making a new Sam & Max. I was on edge until the game came out.
  3. Maybe LeChuck uses some voodoo curse and Guybrush and Elaine swap bodies? So Dom would be voicing Elaine in Guybrush's Body. Could be fun dynamic with Le Chuck.
  4. I almost feel like Ron is taking great pleasure in us losing our minds. Eventually he will reveal it really was a April Fools joke all along and there is no game.
  5. Interestingly, my poll results show that most people don't think there will be a trailer...
  6. I can't take it anymore!!! No trailer or Guybrush pics makes Sam something... something...
  7. I feel for you as I know Lucasarts had a say and had certain restrictions. Thank you for your hard work on tales btw.
  8. Same I'm trying not to get my hopes up for the Nintendo Direct. I guess whenever there is another gaming event I get my hopes up a bit for a surprise reveal. Hmm if your right about them wanting not much of a gap between trailer and release then maybe... instead of a July trailer... maybe they will reveal the trailer at the September Disney event D23 Expo. Then have the game release a weeks later for Talk Like a Pirate day.
  9. Random thought i just had. What if Return to Monkey Island will be shown at D23 expo in September for a October/November release. It's a disney property now so who knows...
  10. Oh wow are you living in Japan, super jelous Visited there lots, amazing place.
  11. Its true, when they tried to update it for Tales and special editions it looked far less interesting. Really shows less is more sometimes.
  12. For me I'm thinking July. I'm really hoping it won't be any later...
  13. i was way too letdown by the last one but i keep getting hopeful
  14. Maybe I'm grasping at straws but do you think we will see Return to Monkey Island at the rumoured Nintendo Direct this month? Nintendo Direct does have a pretty good indie precense.
  15. Quick update, I just beat Monkey Island 1 Talkie edition and will play MI2 next. Other games I completed while waiting for Return: - Grim Fandango - Putt Putt saves the zoo - Pajama Sam 1 - Psychonauts 2 - Darkside Detective I started but not finished Deathspank and Brutal Legend.
  16. Yeah after I posted it i realised downhill wasn't the right wording. I more meant it wasn't as memorable or as interesting but still good.
  17. Secret of Monkey Island goes downhill after Melee Island. (Its still good, but Melee is the best part of the game) Most of my fondest memories with the game are with Melee Island. I just found the puzzles and atmosphere not as interesting part 2 and 3. It might be a nostalgia thing where i spent a good chunk of my childhood in Melee Island.
  18. Oh my god are we the same brain? I had pretty much the exact plan and thought process.
  19. I wanted a release date before i started my marathon so i could make some kinda plan. However, the lack of news at the Devolver showcase has pushed me over the edge I can't take it anymore!!! I'm starting my marathon with Secret of Monkey Island talkie edition.
  20. I'm convinced Return was planned to have more promotion by now but has been pushed back due to fan reaction. When the backlash happened the news suddenly dried up.
  21. I would love this too too perfect. also it being close to my Birthday is an added bonus
  22. I remember them saying they will do a proper reveal long before the release. My two predictions are... 1.) a reveal in July with a release on Pirate day on the 19th September 2.) Grumpy Ron will transform into jolly Ron and release it on Christmas day as a Christmas present. Ho ho ho
  23. Omg i could totally see that. The fact that they announced it on April fools rather than E3 etc makes me think they will do it in some funny, jokey, untraditional way
  24. Just looked up Gamescon and its not until nearly September... I'm starting to think they won't do it at event. So fingers crossed for July.
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