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  1. I supposed the writers cut is sort of like this game's "annoying in-jokes" from thimbleweed park, sort of more meant for fans of the old games? Maybe I'll keep it on for the rest of my playthrough
  2. So uhhh... wait, the old pirate leaders only show up in this first act if you turn writers cut on? Hope I didn't miss too much by having it turned off...
  3. That’s a good way to put it! I’m *really* interested in hearing Ron talk about the history behind this stuff, and what ideas here if any existed 30 years ago
  4. Wow, the prologue was so interesting and beautiful, so many amazing moments. Anyone notice how the theme park turned into a little town as soon as the prologue became playable? I'm wondering if that means anything, or if it's just a way to transition from the MI2 ending to this new story. I still I have a feeling like not everything is as it seems – the first cutscene plays out a bit differently from how we remember, with kidbrush and chuckie seemingly having a more friendly dynamic, rather than Chuckie "hunting down" Guybrush for his parents. It could be that the ending of Monkey Island 2 was still halfway "in their imagination," since they sort of do repeat the lines from the end of that game, just in the context that they're now pretending those people were their parents. Though that doesn't explain why those two seemingly random adults from the future were in Guybrush's memories in MI2 when he fell off the tree. Wonder if that'll be explained. If I had to guess, I'd say these things might just be retcons, and I'll go with it. But if there is something weird going on, my only theory is that maybe the kid is actually just in older Guybrush's head, imagining a better life for himself as a kid? One where his parents didn't have to be his real parents, his brother was nice to him, and his real dad had a bunch of cool stories to tell.
  5. Update, controller feels really fluid and extremely responsive. Might just go with that. Something about the way the point and click controls don't respond until you let go of the mouse makes the controls feel clunky psychologically to me, like there's a slight delay between what I'm trying to do and when Guybrush actually does it. Which is a real shame because I don't think any other point and click adventure i've played works this way
  6. Absolutely adoring the game so far. One minor thing that's annoying me a bit, unrelated to the actual game itself tho, and it would be super easy for them to patch this. As far as I can tell there's no way to get guybrush to walk continuously in the direction of the pointer in panning shots without spam-clicking. I liked how in thimbleweed park you could just hold down the mouse cursor in panning shots to move all the way across them, but now it seems the guybrush doesn't start moving until you let go of the mouse button, which makes the game feel slightly less responsive than I'd like. Maybe controller is the way to go?
  7. Bye everyone! It’s been fun. I usually take weeks to finish adventure games since i need to coordinate times to play with my family, so I’ll be back… at some point
  8. I know it’s bold but i think they’ll reveal the secret of monkey island
  9. I noticed that the song in the "3 days left" teaser is a couple bars shorter than the one they showed in June, with the drum thing now happening at the same time the melody starts. Wonder if that was just for the tweet or if they shortened the title cards to make the game snappier
  10. My experience with switch games is that the game unlocks first in Australia and New Zealand, something like 12 hours before the release date in the Americas, and then slowly starts unlocking in other regions until it finally gets to the americas at 12 am eastern time on the day of release, 9pm pacific time. That could just be first party Nintendo games tho
  11. Yeah haha I’m sure it won’t matter what the notes are (and it probably shouldn’t for accessibility reasons). I’d have to go back and listen to it again when I have time but from what I can remember the Mi was an E, the Re was almost a D but with a ton of vibrato, and the Fa was like slightly flat of G but I like that all the skulls have their own quirks that differentiate them
  12. Yeaaaah, but the far left of the background used to be daytime, and here it's definitely night. Could just be an aesthetic change tho
  13. Hmm. If that outdoor shot from the June trailer with the "marley foundation" sign was on Monkey Island, then are we going to MI at multiple times of day?
  14. Adding to this not really being a musical puzzle is that Murray says "Fa" but sings "Sol" Edit: I do like the idea that the skulls are singing notes but can't really sing 2nd Edit: Guybrush has sheet music in his inventory. I'll bet that's how we solve this puzzle 3rd Edit: What if the Loom guy shows up at the Scumm bar later in the game, once you're able to go to MI and *explains how sheet music works* (hence why he wasn't in last Monday's clip)
  15. Is anyone else mildly bothered by the cut in the music at around 0:47
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