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  1. pokeman, digimon, yu gi oh...... yikes. in my opinion they seem more americanize anime. totally different from the ones that i'm refering to.


    ok don't get me wrong.. i don't think american cartoons are bad. maybe because i got older and it seems so simple (childish). the dialogs are too concrete. check out x-men don't you think when wolverine fight shouldn't he have a few blood stains in his shirt and say something like "son of a b!tch." it just seems like they are holding back because society here in america are so strict on what they put on t.v.. they blame everything on t.v. violence which is nonsense.


    fighting scenes are much more exciting in anime. and also here and there i would like to see some blood and a little bit of cursing.


    when i watch anime the story line seems to be much more interesting. it makes you think.


    and also i said MOST american cartoons are geared toward younger audience. not all in general. if you think about it, 90% of the cartoons are showed in the morning and early afternoons (unless you have cartoon network) basically the ones that are for the younger audience. and they show the cartoons that are for the older audience during the evening (the ones i can think of are the simpsons, futurama, beavis & butthead,southpark, family guy). so if you compare between the two there alot more cartoons geard for kids.


    I've also seen the animated street fighter movie. the fighting scenes were awesome. the ending was dope, i like how ken and ryu finish off m. bison. theres another one its called street fighter zero. and if you like ninja scroll you will like Rurouni Kenshin also if you're into that sumarai thing.

  2. i like hip hop and R&B.


    but sometimes when i'm in a different mood i like listening to like Linkin Park. anything with a HOT verse and beat i pretty much like. and rarely, i listen to pop cuz tell me not ,there are alot of pop songs out there that are so catchy. can't get it out of your head.


    basically i love hip hop but there are few times when i also like listening to other music other than hip hop according to the mood that i'm in.

  3. Originally posted by obi-wan13

    I like no Japense animaiton at all(i have no clue how anyone could like it).


    i bet you don't like subtitles therefore disliking what you don't understand. take your time.


    and if you think about it comparing both in artistic vision, anime is much more advance. it seems like anime take much more time of perfecting it. if you had to pick would you go for quantity over quality (i don't think so).


    JandoFett1842 is right. most american cartoons target younger kids. since they are much more easier to impress. and anime are for the more mature audience and more to the intellectual level. i mean, in american cartoon nowadays the dialogs is so lifeless. i prefer the classics like looney tunes. now it just seem so ABC and boring.

  4. back in the days i've watched g.i. joe,voltron, he-man, g-force, thunder cats, and teenage mutant ninja turtles. which were awesome cartoon shows.


    but now a days, it seems like anybody can come up with a cartoon show. most are boring. alot of one hit wonders. i don't think theres one you can build a franchise with. in my opinion america cartoons has lost it. the only thing that's holding it down are the simpsons.


    thats why i watch anime intead.

  5. who loves American Cartoons (ex The Simpsons)


    and who loves anime (ex Dragon Ball Z)



    so which one do you rather prefer??? say what shows you like and explain why.


    to me personally i've always been a fan of anime. thank god for subtitles. drawing wise, i think its much better than american style cartoons. and plus the story line seem much more interesting and more realistic.


    animes that i like:



    Cowboy Bebop

  6. everyone don't even bother with Wei St Paliv's comment. it will be a waist of your time. i think he just wants attention like how an only child in the family would.


    seriously i've never wish this on somebody but i think banning him is a good idea. this isn't the first time he tried to mock terc's model.


    so everybody move on and just don't mind the guy.

  7. they are not the most annoying team i just think you're hating on them cuz they keep winning.


    shaq's presence in the post is just too much for everybody too handle. he's just strong and he's unstoppable. and having kobe thats double trouble. and i do hope some one beats them this year.


    well i'm from NY but i hate the knicks.


    i'm going for toronto. i like vince carter. but i'm a michael jordan fan since day one.

  8. m___oimaster is that you. how do you edit your name???



    well i use to go the the forums down at files network. i heard there was an anakin model in progress. i ask someone where i can find it then i was linked over here. check it out then i was impressed so i decided to join.

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