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  1. Originally posted by Darth Yoda85

    the scar is from Ryu am I right?


    damn right. you should check out street fighter the animated movie. the intro of the movie was the fight between ryu and sagat. the battle between ryu, ken, m. bison in the end was the best though. overall the movie was great.


    and also did you guys know that ryu has a younger brother. he's a pretty good fighter too. thats in the street fighter zero movie also an anime.

  2. ryu is my fav. i like the street fighter anime. i was piss when the U.S. came out with a cartoon series and also a movie about it ( you know guile as jean claud van damm ) both sux big time.


    in the game i've always pick ryu from the original to capcom vs. marvel. if you know how to use him he is unstopable. he's the best. and bet i'll beat you with him.

  3. dude that sucks. were those two ex-members, friends of yours??? don't let this run your life man, i know its mess up what she did but you gotta look beyond that. let her do what she wants to do. you guys are not together anymore so what can you do. and i know its hard, i've been there before myself. smartest thing you can do is just move on and just let her be.


    whatever happen, happens.

  4. Phantom Helix, i totally disagree with you. first of all alicia keys is a jazz/r&b singer so that falls with the whole hip hop gender. so i don't see anthing wrong with her teaming up with eve.



    second, music is universal man. whats wrong with mixing things up. if you think about it every style of music got their influence from other other types of music. so don't be so narrow minded when you are dealing with music.


    i mean i'm a hip hop listener myself and i didn't think of justin converting to hip hop a bad thing. i really like the song to tell you the truth, like the beat man its very catchy.

  5. christina is the prettiest


    britney god damn she got some thick thighs. i'm not even going to mention about you know what.


    but i'm a booty man over here. gotta go with j. lo. seen her in salena, damn now thats a badungkadunk.



    christinal dress like that maybe because she's like that to begin with. when she came out, the bubble gum songs (britney,nsync,bsb,etc..) were big and i guess they told her to be be like them, be cute and look like the girl next door type. but i really don't mind how she is now. its her life, just let her be. i don't undertand why people care so much. she's an amazing singer. respect her as an artist and not by how she looks. i mean i prefer her how she was but she still is hot in my opinion.

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