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  1. How/where do I register an address? Something that would be like http://www.ig-64.com or http://www.[my name].com or something


    How do I go about actually publishing the website? I'll take what I can get, but I'd rather not have to register with a company and have to pay and renew and all that. If there's any material that would teach me how to publish it myself, that would be cool, as long as it's not hideously complicated (and even then I might be interested).
    Many ISPs provide their users with webspace and an own homepage, and wizards/tutorials how to set them up (and you pay them anyway). Free web host services often have tons of ads or bandwidth restrictions coming with them.


    I know HTML, but I am far from an expert. If there's any material that would help me here, or maybe some good software with a GUI, that would be nice too.



  2. 1. When did you first become/find out/decide you were an atheist/agnostic?
    I learned about religion and its "meaning" when I was like, hm, 13, 14? Actually, I asked myself what the holy grail is after I saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I learned more especially about Christianity when I did a presentation about the seven crusades for history class. Eventually, that was about everything I ever learned about religion. So, in other words around that time must have been be the moment when I found out I am actually not one of the theistic kind of people.


    2. Were you afraid to let your family and friends know?


    3. If you told them you were an atheist or agnostic, how did they react?

    Does not apply to me.


    4. Other than the obvious one (you believe God does not exist and/or it is impossible to know whether God exists), what are your "beefs" with religion?
    Every one claims they got it right.


    5. Have other people tried to proselytize you to convert to their faith? Which faith(s)? Did any of their arguments seem persuasive, or were they hokey?
    I only met like 5 religious people of that kind IRL. Three of them saw me closing the door after they asked if I read the bible, two of them were accusing me and my friend of blasphemy after he asked me "what's with Julian" and they understood "hallelujah".


    6. As an atheist or agnostic, what book is your favorite on the subject?
    Not a topic of my interest.


    7. Which agnostic/atheist authors do you respect? Which don't you respect?
    Depends on their books?


    8. Of the philosophies out there that aren't religious, which one's your fave?


    9. Which do you think is just as hokey as traditional religious philosophies?
    So, traditional religious philosophies are hokey?


    10. What is your highest value in life? What do you treasure most?
  3. I ask what caused the Big Bang? They say molecules were jumbled up together and eventually escaped creating an explosion.
    Well, most of all, technically, molecules come after the big bang.



    So I ask what created the molecules. They say one of two things.

    1. I don't know


    2. They just are/did

    3. Chemical reactions? Atoms?


    So, if this is possible, is it not also possible that God just is?
    From a certain aspect, it seems that everything "just is".


    Or that God created what was or/and is?
    It seems that the difference from "things just came into existence beginning with the big bang (or whatever, for that matter)" to "god just came into existence to bring things into existence eventually" is rather quite non-existent. Now, if you see god as simply the "first cause" to everything, big bang, the universe, multiverse, whatever there might be, whatever science might discover, there is not even the need to label god "a being".
  4. They will continue until they make the mistake to annoy someone really powerful to the point where they get the **** beaten out of them. While Germany takes part in the EU operation "Atlanta", which is mainly a show presence act, Russia for instance has military ships guiding their ships secretly, "obviously" not with the intention to show presence but rather to strike against the pirates. And, when the pirates captured the Saudi Arabian "Sirius Star" in late 2008, fully loaded with Saudi Arabian oil worth about $100M, groups of Islamists were after the hijackers of the ship of a "Muslim nation".


    Dozens of Somali Islamist insurgents stormed a port on Friday hunting the pirates behind the seizure of a Saudi supertanker that was the world’s biggest hijack, a local elder said. According to reports, the insurgents are hunting the pirates for hijacking a Muslim nation's ship, which in their eyes, is a crime that can't go unpunished.



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