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  1. o_O;


    Ah management. The realm of the silly

  2. o rly


    mmm, cottage cheese

  3. As long as there are no weird gorilla things ;o

  4. onoz @ unemployment

    yayz @ moar tiem for hangingz out


    If only we got paid to hang out together xD

  5. Good luck with that ;s

  6. Dunno, and if there were, they'd be on the state level, so I wouldn't know the specifics. You're not a full employee either, so there's probably that to consider.


    Then again, he's technically not the one paying you, so... :xp:

  7. Aw, that not gud. come home soonar then!

  8. rofl, he so funnee

  9. Well, it will make it feel more personal, eh? xD

  10. ;o Cold? It's like an oven outside!

  11. Is that the reasoning you're using now...? Sneaky sneaky

  12. A writer doesn't want to disappoint her fans xD

  13. lol tapirs xD

  14. ;o writingz! I'm sure you will give Bee a run for her monies :3

  15. But at least you're not in a plaid shirt!


    Or are you? ;o

  16. That's unforgivable. Yech, plaid :hor:

  17. Well, technically it is, but sure. ;D

  18. xD It's probably your shirt that makes him think that xD

  19. xD Go go you!


    Now just lounge around for the rest of the day, rite? xD

  20. that was long ;o

  21. >_> 'Polish my rifle' <_<

  22. xDDDDD


    I played male Shep so I just told Ashley to shut up and polish my rifle ;D

  23. oooo, rebel Bee xD


    Did you have sweet nothings with CarthAidan before the return to the Citadel? >;3

  24. ;o Mass Effect! How did you end it?

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