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  2. Pff, you need moar weight. MOAR MUSCLESES

  3. xD I've weaned myself off of sodas for now. Iced tea and water for the winzzz!

  4. lolz, so you should be somewhat well rested :xp:

  5. pfft, sleep is heavenly. How much did you get?!

  6. Too early >.<

  7. Well, as long as you get to make notti with whomever you saved, it's aaaalll goooooood. >:3

  8. Bah, cutesy. You must branch out into hawt, sweaty nottiness! >:3

  9. Lurve dialogue is HAWT, baby >:3 And yay for doing well!

  10. Boo @ bugs. And yay for draweringz! When can we expect hawt Mass Effect fanfix? ;o

  11. Bee won her custom title from the contest in the CEC, thank you very much. :xp:

  12. Aw, <3 <3 <3 the widdle silly Bee.


    And game needs moar bumping ugly scenes!

  13. You know the solution to that, right? DRINK MOAR

  14. You can never have too much Kahlua. :3

  15. Too much vodka, not enough Kahlua! I make awesome white Russians. ;o

  16. xD You so silly, Bee


    Now whar are you in Mass Effect?!

  17. Don't be mean to Inyri!

  18. onoz disastrous!

  19. omg you went to party! I hope you saved me some cake.

  20. rawr!~


    I know you are having fun with Mass Effect but please do not forget us on Skype!

  21. :3


    I just had Subway om nom nom

  22. Yes well, blame Bob. >_>

  23. Well, on my last playthrough I finished the game at 52 after doing most of the side quests, so it really depends on how many you choose to do.


    And yes, Feros is an odd level. Now go flirt more with Car--er, Kaidan. xD

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