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  1. why you respond to the retards before me ;.;

  2. way delay, beeeeeeeeeee ;P


    i am okay, how is youuu

  3. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee why you neglect meeeeeeeeee

  4. thats a shiny badge you have there sir

  5. Now now, you'll have to wine and dine me before you can say that



  6. you could always change your middle name to 'Groovy' ;D

  7. dude my gamer tag is right in my sig xD it's nyn0r! what's yours?

  8. we need to be on at the same time so we can do uno battles xD

  9. missing bee! why you neglect meeeeeeeeee

  10. beeeeeee why are you never on anymore



    and yes, i r nyn0r xD. We should play Uno together when I finally scrape together enough money to buy it xD

  12. FYI, promoting slavery, spousal homicide/abuse and murder will get you banned on these forums.

  13. crackface why are you not one of my friends


    also add me to your xbawks thing

  14. leXXy poo, I has an xbawks now, plz to be accepting my friend request kthnx <3

  15. *rawrs Bee from behind*



  16. she cried because he didnt pay her for the kid before he died so now she cant collect child support

  17. rouge nine does sound liek kinda a weirdo ya i agree


    anyway look how perfect NaruSasu is, honestly

  18. yea man, cuz you kno Asuma was only usin Kurenai for a baby, you kno dat Asuma and Shikamaru cant have oen together obviusly

  19. everyone knows Asuma and Shikamaru had a little sumthin-sumthin goin' on, oyea


    still doesn't come close to NaruSasu, dey so tight together kno wat i mean

  20. das okay, i respek ur views too, but we all kno dat narusasu is the only true love in the show


    Merry Christmas!!!!

  21. NaruSasu 4evah, dey r so purfect for each other <3
  22. Every little bit helps xD

  23. I dun has an xbox, leXXy poo :<


    Feel free to donate monies to help me get one, tho ;D

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