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  1. onoz! better start looking busy

  2. Never said the game was bad! Just not my cup of tea. :3

  3. It's supposed to grab me in some way that makes me want to continue playingggg. ;3


    Go for the even numbered ones, they are the bestest. ;o

  4. Not hating on them! Just saying they look funny. :3

  5. Only the first few scenes. It didn't really grab me :x


    I tend to like the even numbered FFs. :3

  6. Dun listen to Inyri, 9 has midgets!

  7. But monies is gud... ah well.


    Quittin tiemzzz

  8. booo @ no overtime :/

  9. I hopes you're lucky ;o and hopefully your boss will notice all the time you're putting in and let you leave early on friday.


    I'm interneting in mah towel! >;3

  10. That's late ;o

  11. I fell asreeps after I eat and turn it off. xD

  12. i almost fall asreepz >_>

  13. Just stuck my pot pie in the oven, so it'll be a while for me too :3

  14. I knew that >_>



  15. whar do i sign up? xD

  16. I didn't know Episcopalianism was that awesome ;o

  17. Audit is such a evil sounding word ;o

  18. Ew, meetingz :s


    I am being bored to tears in my class. xD

  19. yay for non-blowings up :3

  20. I dun relish having the crap blown out of me. :s

  21. hopefully your MO won't be to blow the crap out of everything first, talk later xD

  22. Eeeeeeeeevaaaaah <3

  23. Yes we are still on! Inyri is fading fast so come onnnnnn. You can eat while you talk!

  24. Inyri says "Noooooooooooooooooooo" I think she wants you to come back to Skypes now. She is in Bee withdrawal. She will even stop playing Guild Wars to talk to you on skypechatz! If that is not undying love I do not know what is!

  25. celery is not so much deelish, i r not a fan. onions is gud tho

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