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  1. Cool beans Chev. I think this will be a great piece.

  2. Hey Alk, I forgot but did we kill off Tyrannus in Part VI? I was thinking of creating some Sith peoples by name for the battle. Any ideas?

  3. Cool beans. I started working on a part of it. It could be like a flip flop or any suggestion and ideas you have would be cool.

  4. Well I was thinking about the dialogue exchange that sounded funny after I reread it and it was were I believe Tavaryn commented on that they had been at their jobs for two years and never once crossed paths. So the piece could something like a "near miss" theme. An example would be one leaving the mess while the other exits from a different end. It could also be a good time to reflect on things that were implied in the RP. What do you think?

  5. (P.S. - Doesn't look like JM12 is going to let Avalon fall easy, does it? Guess your going to have to use those magical TM powers and have the Undying Sith do some heavy duty damage.)


    LOL. Yeah I won't Avalon fall that easy simply because I created them as such. And think about it, for a civilization that trains and lives by the sword, they makes them damn hard to beat lol.

  6. Hey Chev, I had a crazy idea just pop into my head. I was wondering if you would like to co-author a fic with me? A collaboration with our Sith Ressurrection characters Tavaryn and Alriana set in between Part VII and Part VIII. Let me know if that interests you.

  7. Well you already started dialogue about potential boarding of the Ackbar so if the enemy invades the ship, all hands on deck right? So maybe we have a situation where there is a scramble to keep the bridge on lockdown. Alriana can be in there or not, up to you. Tavaryn is following orders to get to the bridge and deflect the enemy.


    Lots of smoke, hard to see except silhouettes. Both can be fighting with their chosen weapons and they almost strike each other but stop and stare at each other. Surprise there. If you have some ideas bounce them off me.

  8. Hey, I'm figuring that Tavaryn and Alriana don't know that they are serving on the same ship so I was wondering if a surprise encounter should occur.

  9. I don't know if I would be any good at the Mass Effect Rp you had in mind. I read the links and some of it is *whoosh* beyond me at certain points. I might end up screwing up with the classes, etc.

  10. Not familiar at all.

  11. I just realized my error. Andros was born at the beginning of the Empire so he would be the same age as Luke. Four years later Padme Lilah was born and raised on Avalon. Tavaryn is the youngest and he was born when Andros would be roughly 12. So he is actually born 12 years after Order 66 was enacted.


    As far as description goes, he has the height of his people (6ft) despite the fact that Mom was short but Dad made up for it. Hazel green/blue eyes, dark hair with lighter streaks in it. Muscles of course but also a frame suitable for acrobatics when necessary.


    I haven't gotten around to creating a pic of him yet but keep in mind the image of Kun Lao from Mortal Kombat.

  12. Sounds interesting, almost like the Frontier Guard series that I worked on. I'll think of a character. Do you want me human? Alien? Or could I use a character from that academy rp I was trying to do?

  13. An extragalactic alien? Sounds good. Any requirements?

  14. Saw the new teaser word thing. I liked it.

  15. fixed my last post

  16. I see your reasoning for attacking Avalon and I am totally down with that. I was just giving you the worlds that are tantalising targets. Avalon is a good place to get married but so is the sister world Andorra. That world is the 'twin' planet of Avalon. Maybe you could set it up so that they are married on Andorra but the planet is mistaken for Avalon due to the likeness of the worlds but that will still give a reaction.

  17. Avalon would be logical as it is the government capital of the system but a smart enemy would try to take out Belos. Belos has the largest military both fleet and ground troops. Amshrey would be next logical choice since the people are of Mandalorian and Avalonian descent. Just a heads up.

  18. Hey. I'm bringing back Andros Kaltas for the next RP yet I can't remember what he looks like. Does he look more like his father with the green tones of his mother blended in?

  19. It could work with them being half siblings. If you want to play on that, we see where that goes. Heck you can even have Ser Jaymes have a dislike for Athra's mother.

  20. yeah neutral good was the alignment


    also I'll try to make sith ressurection sketches if I get an inspiration

  21. What kind of fantasy? Are there limitations? I might be interested.

  22. Hethra's death might have more bearing on the emotional level with Tonatius since he was his father. Of course you can use the same for both.

  23. I don't have any ideas at the moment. Haruka is intended to be a mystery until the very end. Maybe bits and pieces of his life but never the full story. Tavaryn knew Kyle Katarn and traveled with him and Jan on occassion years ago. So I am not sure yet. Maybe you could help come up with something.

  24. Days of Fall is still open. We moved forward to the next day.

  25. Chev, you want to be a part of my Days of Fall Rp? People commit then drop off the face of the earth. The recruitment thread is in the backstage forum. If you want just post your profileand join in.

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