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  1. BTW have you tried singing my newest diddy to it's tune?

  2. Yeah I would do research and I did on Palaestine/Israel and it does seem rather complicated to t sort through the treaties and the they said/they said routine. However knowing you, as soon as the whack a mole starts, you'll flatten him.

  3. I don't know if I should try and search for your traps. I might get bitten ;)

  4. You are so evil mach ;)


    BTW, you should check out my diddy thread. I have a new one up and it is written to a classic favorite of mine. Some may call it sacriligeous with what I have done. LOL.

  5. Ye ole mach. I could use some support on my changes thread. All about changing the current competition settings.

  6. Fixed my last post. So now we can play off eachother.

  7. I am still collecting nominations. No one has posted anything yet.

  8. The idea you gave me is good. I am getting ready to end the battle.

  9. Well just get some enthusiasm going. Maybe a nomination. Duh silly ;)

  10. Hey. Think you could help me with the Best of 2009 thread?

  11. I don't think so. They are aware of it. they know they are connected and if they need to rely on one another unless One decides to go on a fact finding mission about their family line and needs acces to records or something.

  12. I don't watch Doctor Who but I get what you are saying. Maybe through in an interstellar war and Order 66 (similar) and we may get chaos. LOL.

  13. Yeah I was thinking of a brand new villian of sorts if possible. Just to show more or less that life does go on.

  14. I don't have plans for them except having the Blood King defeated and maybe Tyrannus disappearing with a threatening word or two.

  15. mach: you want to start the list for best of 2009? Or do I need to start a thread for nominations?

  16. You have until the end of the week if you can manage.

  17. About Irene, how about we approach Tsy with the role? Either that or I'll have to take her until someone wants her.

  18. I think what you came up with is good. If I have to, I'll come up with a ****ty entry to submit and encourage participation.

  19. Haven't seen Hethra but for Tavaryn, I would look at Jet Li. Has the right build and since this is some time after Luke Skywalker, age wouldn't quite matter. Hope that helps.

  20. I haven't seen it but the one I mentioned is right on in terms of colors. Maybe I could find some movie pics to help. If you want to try Tavaryn, he should be easy since his costume is modeled on Kun Lao from MK. LOL.

  21. Nice look. Though I think his tunic would reflect more of the water world. Maybe some lining in blue or something like that. Have you seen the end of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves? Colors like that. The posture is good.

  22. Take a look at your thread in CEC :)

  23. Hey what's up Commader Q?

  24. The concept art idea is fine. If you want some hints as to the Blood King's appearance, check out the Heart of the Guardian trilogy, I believe near the end of Book 2. It is a dream sequence but has some interesting imagery you might like.

  25. My avatar is from the Facebook game Vampires.

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