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  1. Oh, hey there! Just got a message that my PM box is overfilled, so just figuring out how to download them into text files. Hope sending this one doesn't break LF!

  2. Rakghoul event was a plague that you 'caught' and then when you got sick, you kind of exploded and 'infected' other people (by giving them the virus buff). It was really fun to watch! People were sneaking in and 'exploding' near the GTN and getting all sorts of people infected. You collected DNA samples and used them as currency at one of the event vendors, but I think they are going to 'update' it. (Probably figured out a way to make you use CCs for them or something.) But it was a brilliant event! Sprung it on us with no one quite knowing what it was. Heard a rumour that the CDC used it as a model for disease spreading in modern society. :)

  3. LOL! I know exactly what you mean! By the way, not only Bounty Hunter event coming, but another Rakghoul plague one is on the way as well. I loved that event! So much for cutting back on playing this month....

  4. Hiya! I really need to log on here more often! I'm doing ok. Had a trip to the US this summer to visit extended family. Working a lot to pay of the bill! :) Still playing SWTOR. Still writing a bit, and still RPing a bit on a BSG site (although not as much as I used to). How are you? I saw a message from Lynk on the TOR guild site that said there were plans to revamp LF and make it bigger and better. Are you involved in that project?

  5. Oh, hi! :) I really have to visit LF more often! I'm still playing TOR and I've got toons on Harbinger server (with the guild) and a couple on the Jedi Covenant server. Where are yours located? I'd be happy to play and help get you geared up! Just let me know. I'll check in back here to see if you've replied. Exciting stuff on TOR in the next few days--galactic starfighting, rakghoul event, and of course all the Life Day stuff!

  6. Yup, completely disconnected that time. But in case you didn't get my answer to your question about leveling... yes! there will be more leveling op groups like that this weekend. Not sure on the Imp side, but would think it likely. I'm going to try to be on Saturday (either Friday night or Saturday morning U.S. time). Would like to level up my BH so I could do some fun things. :) Cya later!

  7. Yeah my bounty hunter's been taking a long time for me to level too. Probably because most of the guild action as far as operations and stuff go is on the Republic side. But we can change this! Think this weekend I'll try to level up on the Imp side. I'm sure they do something similar for an XP run on the weekend as it's double points again.

  8. Well, 50 would be the minimum level at the moment, but it's mostly the gear that makes the differences. Even though I hit 50 with Neshta yesterday, she still has a pitiful amount of HP because she's still wearing her level 41-44 gear. :) That's something I'll aim to fix soon enough, but I still need to finish the story with her as well.


    But now that Lewis is a 50, he can start going on the ops and get better gear, and perhaps even some gear for any lower level alts (if they are bound to legacy and not the toon.) Check the website for when they are doing their next run. I think tomorrow there is one, but not sure what time it starts or what operation they're planning on doing. Might be something to do with the Gree stuff, I dunno. :)


    But Congrats on your 50! :D

  9. Hiya! Tried to get on the TWC guild site and it looks like it's down for maintenance. But I will be doing the op on Saturday! Will try again tomorrow to sign up for it, but just letting you know in case you were wondering if I was or wasn't going to participate.

  10. I've been busy of late as well and haven't had as much time to play. :( But I'm hoping to find some time this weekend. Isn't there a world event happening soon?

  11. The healing sounds are odd, I have to admit! Sounds like I'm shooting my 'patients'. :) When you get back to playing again, we'll have to do some FPs together. And good luck with AC3. Game trailers look good. My brother-n-law gave me AC 1 & 2 to play a while, but haven't even tried them yet. :( Just don't have the time and I'm loving my TOR too much.

  12. I've gone for the mercenary with healing spec. I like him so far. He's got enough punch as a dps and I like being able to heal during a fight instead of using medpacks. Went for Investigation, Armstech, and Slicing as my skills. Not doing too bad with him. We did the Cademimu FP last night--first one on the Imp side, but it was very similar to the Rep side. Loads of fun though!

  13. I've got a bounty hunter now! Got my toon in the guild and busy leveling him up. Seems to me like it's easier on the Imp side, but maybe it's just because of legacy, better gear (making it myself) and because I'm more familiar with playing the game. Maybe by the time you get around to playing again, I'll have him up to level 50. And, yes, I said 'him'. A male toon. I call him Berasmus. Lynk calls me weird for being female and having a male toon! :p

  14. Ha ha ha! Are you suggesting that we're both jinxed? Glad Lynk's back though. Was sad when he left. But I've got two toons to 50 now, so I'm starting a BH toon today. That is, when the servers come back up. ;) Hope your uni stuff is going ok for you.

  15. I haven't been on much of late either. :( Had some 'technical' issues--mainly a tree that fell on my house and so no phone, no satellite tv, and staying at relatives while our roof got fixed. Everything is better now, but got a lot of other things that are keeping me busy. So, no ops for me unfortunately. But still planning to make an Imp toon at some point!

  16. I'm not doing too bad with crate farming. I have a route I do in the industrial sector. I try to find an instance with fewer players then just do the route--sort of like looking for rakata cubes. I've bought a set of gear for Miqui and Milla, one pet, and think I might try for the speeder tonight if I have enough time. Plus, those tokens should be going pretty cheap as people try to get rid of them. :)

  17. Ha ha! I had to do it three times with Miqui, but Milla did it first time no bother. (Just proves that troopers are boss, but smugglers have the best drama.) I took some screen shots of Miqui's journey on the speeder and will post them up soon.


    I'm wondering why the weapons are limited to only aim and cunning stats, but maybe the next event things will be the other way around. At any rate, as much as people are complaining about the event in the chat, they are all still doing the quests. :) I'm having fun at any rate helping the lower levels get through to places. So far, I've escorted 6 to the Bounty Hunter in the High Security bit and helped about a dozen or so with that Derester/droid quest. :D

  18. Yeah, I am doing the event. Just have the last task to do with Miqui and about three left for Milla. The task I liked the best was the one with the cutscene Bounty Hunter in the Security section. That was kind of fun to follow him. :) There's one coming up where you have to take one of those leaps of faith apparently. Which made me smile, as I started to think back to that invisible bridge and lava pit and how Mim's Ley'na couldn't seem to land on it. :D Wonder if the task is sort of like that?


    And after September sounds good to do Empire side to me. I haven't had that much time to play this week, but hopefully, when things get more into a routine again, I'll have more time. And then there are those long dark nights coming up--will have plenty of time then.

  19. Aw, that's rotten luck with your tenants. :( Hope things work out. But, yeah, I moved my LF guild characters over to The Harbinger. Mim and Mav are trying to keep it vibrant as Lynk left it (because he can't transfer his toon names over to the new server). We're supposed to be doing a datacron run today. Miss chatting to you though! Are you on Skype often? I just downloaded the newest version so I can Skype again. :)

  20. A level 11? Awesome! :) I'm thinking of starting up a Bounty Hunter toon this weekend. Would that compliment your Inquisitor in quests?

  21. I did sneak her onto the Fleet, and after a while, she did explode. But... she didn't infect anyone. :( I was so looking forward to some green gooey stuff, but she just sort of melted like the Wicked Witch of the West and then died. :( Oh well. ;D maybe next time! Hope to see you online soon. Working my way up to level 43, but I'm thinking on starting an Empire character. Are you still playing on the Imp side as well with the Imperialist Basterds?

  22. Hiya chicky! How's things? We need to get together for some TOR again. Enjoyed playing with you!

  23. I saw that you had a 50! Well done you! :) My smuggler just hit 42, and I've kept Milla on her ship for a while... since she is still infected with Rakghoul virus. I really, REALLY, want to sneak her onto the Fleet and have her explode, but I just can't seem to time it right. Every time I log her out, when she comes back she's 'better'. Still infected, but not green and oozy. :) Any suggestions?

  24. Ok, I've transferred Miqui (who is now Mi'qui) and Milla (who is now Millá) to the Harbinger server. How do I get an invite back to TWC guild now?

  25. I'm going to do that tonight actually. :)

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