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the WORST customer support ever (servers not listed)


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Originally posted by willeekinz

Tell you what, you find me a customer support # or extension and ill post it. Let me know when you got it. Thanks.






Ravensoft Software Inc - Madison, WI 608-833-5791

Hit the # sign for the directory, and then search for h o e k s t r a and youll be patched to his voicemail.


This is not divulging personal information. This is listing the phone # of a business who is distributing defective merchandise and refusing to respond to the customers who they sold it to and are looking for a solution.



This is on raven's *official forums, so the mods here don't need to get all up in arms over it.


Like KB said, it's a public #.



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heh, serious though, calling them and burping over the phone and calling him a *** on his voice mail may be fun and all but it's not going to get anything done.


Same goes for game play specific requests.


Calling him and saying put this in, change that etc. is a waste of time.


Instead, inform him of the large number of customers who are displeased with their product and tell him where to go for collective feedback from the customers.


Type out an e-mail and provide some links to some of the rather large threads on various forums where disgruntled customers have repeated over and over the issues the game play has and then call that number and inform him of the e-mail you sent him.


At the very least, remain professional and keep in mind he's not going to be sitting there with a pen and paper as he listens to his voice mail and going "ok kicks back in, check".


Just point him in the direction of as many bug/game play issue threads as you wish and let them see first hand what is going on.

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Actually if anything, Activision should be the target of these comments.


Sales (or the lack of) speak louder than anything.



The game had a good opening but the week it was released, it was only going up against games that had been out for a while.


With Halo now out and raking in mucho $ and UT2004 and HL2 just around the corner it's going to take good reviews and word of mouth to keep sales up after the initial week.


People bad mouthing a product as being the s.o.s or lacking depth in mp, not to mention many servers being empty just weeks after a release due to a screwed up master list will drive people to spend that $50 on something new and something that has gotten good reviews by the players.


Not to mention no one wants to buy a new game where most of the servers are empty two weeks after it is out.

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