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converting JK mods to JKA

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Too bad. I really wanted that mod that gave you the double lightsaber


:confused: Am I missing something? The dual and double-bladed (AKA staff) lightsabers are standard in Jedi Academy. In other words, those sabers are already in the game with no need for a mod to add them.


Maybe you meant that you wanted some different saber hilts or something.

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JK2 mod have small size yoda & grapple ... and Force Mod can use all force level 4 so very fun for Force battle...

is someone can make JK2 mod for JA ?

I really want small size YODA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks :o

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Buffy, if you want little Yoda all you have to do is create an npc file for yoda and have the line scale 60 in there. You can change the scale number to whatever you think looks the best . The way I did it was just copied everything in luke's npc file, created a new text doc and renamed it to yoda.npc, pasted all the info from luke's .npc file in there and renamed the parts where it said luke and luke model to yoda. Then I added the scale line. Then when in game type npc spawn yoda. (playermodel yoda if you want to play as yoda)


I suggest you try it yourself but if you're having probs private message me your e-mail and I'll send you my yoda file tomorrow.

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anything you need to control a server is already built into the game. they are called rcon commands.


/rcon status

/rcon addip

/rcon kick

/rcon clientkick

/rcon map <map>

/rcon map_restart <warmuptime>


but the above all most important command is:


/rcon quit


^ do that and you will have the best server ever.

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