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Getting Dismemberment to work!


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This is all very simple and should not take this long...


All you have to do is:


1) Read this


2) Make a shortcut to JA single player (most people already have one after they install it)


3) Right click it and go into "Properties"


4) Under the shortcut tab look for "Target:"


5) Change your target to look exactly like this: "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.EXE" +set fs_game ojpenhanced +set g_sabermorerealistic 2 +helpusobi 1 +load quick +set g_sabermorerealistic 2


Hint: just copy and past over your current one (include the quotation marks)


6) Click "Apply"


7) Finally... double click the shortcut icon :ewok:-simple simple


Edit: If you dont want it to do the quick load, just remove the "+load quick" from the line that you copied, under STEP 4.

:ewok:-simple simple


8) Stop reading


It works!!!

Thanks, man!!!!:thmbup1:

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Well.. Time marches on and new operating systems come and screw things up.. I am currently running Windows Vista 64 Ultimate.. I have installed the game and the patch.. Created a character and played a couple levels.. I even got Pakscape to browse the pk3 files.. But.. It seems that I no longer have a jasp.cfg, jamp.cfg, autoexec.cfg, or any other cfg file for that matter? I have looked in all the folders, and even all the .pk3 files.. Where did they go?


It is odd.. The game does save all my settings and bindings.. I just don't know where the cfg files are.. Help!?!?!?!?

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Actually it's pretty simple to do this, but you need to know exactly what to do:


1) First go to your base folder of the Jedi Academy game:

\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base


2) Create there a text file named: Autoexec.cfg open it and then type the following inside:


set g_sabermorerealistic 3
set helpusobi 1


3) Start a new game, as soon as the mission starts press the Quick Save button, then quit the game.


4) Restart the game and don't do anything else! other than opening the console and typing in:


load quick


Now you should have dismemberment avaiable after the game loads.

If you already had a saved game on the way, you might want to just skip the "new game part", and only create the Autoexec.cfg file, start the game and then type in console: load quick or load a saved game via User Interface.


Value 2 of the saber dismemberment will require to swing at opponents in order to get it working, as being stated earlier in this thread.


These things I mentioned here in my post, are only good for the Single Player side of Jedi Academy.

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I got nostalgic for JA so I reinstalled it. This thread may be dead, but I'll give this question a try.


In this game I've always wanted was to get dismemberment working in a certain way. It seems like with the dismemberment settings I'm familiar with, you can either cut everyone to ribbons (arms, legs, heads, & torsos flying in all directions) or very have little dismemberment happen (an occasional hand or arm will be removed).


I have a couple of posts about this:





So, what I would love is to have it work as I describe in my second post above. I would like it so that any type of dismemberment is possible during a given saber swing (hand, foot, arm, leg, head, torso-halved), but that the chance of a dismemberment happening is configurable - so that it happens only 10% of the time or every 4th time, or whatever.


This way if your in room with, say, three Stormtroopers, you might kill the first two and they stay more or less intact, but on the third you take a his head off.


With dismemberment full-on, it always seemed like the carnage in the battle area was too excessive. There'd be pieces of enemies everywhere, but nothing recognizable.


Hmm...perhaps that's intentional...to point out the horror and futility of war...


*AMEM* ... But I digress.


Does anyone know if its possible to get dismemberment working in this way?

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Just to let people know, regarding blood mods, I put a JK2 and JA one up on my site (see link in signature) which I like. Of course use whatever you like (or don't use it). ;)

I have noticed that generally the blood mods are more over-the-top graphic in single player mode, but just right (IMHO) in MP.



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Hehehe 'noob proof" Ive never heard conjuction of these two words together. I must admit that its very catchy :D.


Ive changed all of the NPC DISMPROB TO 100 and it works very well, but ive noticed that it isnt so spectacular as the "g_sabermorerealistic 2" or 3. Mainly becouse you cant cut off more than one limb, and with g_sabermorerealistic 2 or 3 you can cut of so many limbs as you want, but i rather not to use "g_sabermorerealistic 2" or 3, becouse its makes the saber much more stronger, and the game becomes too much easy. Soo is there a way to have a spectacular dismemberment as in "g_sabermorerealistic 2" or 3, but without enhancing lightsaber damage??

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