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Off to see the wife.

Wraith 8

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This monday and next week i will be off to see my wife :):p;)

im off to merry old England to visit someone special :)


so from monday when you see, zennor or Xanadu online. i will be with her online :)


just so you know. i wil also be away this weekend.. be home for sunday night. and leave monday morning :)


so you all know :) after a hectic week of getting people to vote i get a well deserved vacation :)


Corzip Dinn

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Originally posted by MasterJo

Have a good time corzip. also, did you finally get 31 votes?

yep :)


when i left it was:


Secaih: 30

Corzip 31


now just to be on the safe side. could someone help jeratis (i think it was) help set up a house and let him vote for me? if you cant find him ask Jen' sen its his brother IRL.


also could someone take A LOT OF TROUBLE on him and check the citizen list and mail a huge list of thank you's and ask those who didnt vote yet to vote please.

the way i did it was add them all to my friends list and comment them city behind them. then arrange on city and select them all and mail. that is the fastest way.


thanx to who ever does that :)


Corzip Dinn

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hey!! yeah u are coming to see me :) hehehee

well umm .. its going to be sooo much fun :) :) :)

i cant wait.. :)

but.. we best not fight over the pc on who is gonna play SWG lol


we might just have to play some competitive games and see whos best :p

still cant wait, hmm that must be at least a minute closer than the last time i wrote lol


cya soon, really i will see you soon :p:)


btw hon.. congrates!!! u are gonna be mayor YAY!!!!


p.s. i have the notebook and pen ready :p:)

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hehe thanx you 2 :) yeah you did toonces. thanx for that :)




edit: " kids just called me on my cellphone. asking if i had a good time. now i think these kids called me earlier. well.. some time ago :) now come on dont be shy. tell me who you are..... kakoo?

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