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Hey swampies. Thought I'd stop in. May not be one of the oldbies but since I've been here several years now, figure I at least have a little recognition.


Well, one accomplishment I am particularly proud of is that I have almost completely cut out soda. It is now to a manageable, controllable level. I no longer fiend for it. Filters and bottled water abound. And unsweetened tea.


True I do allow an occasional soda or two, and some indulgence during holidays but it's to the point where it's almost too sweet to drink for me.


I actually feel better and less sluggish. I have lost almost 20 pounds.



Part of my motivation, admittedly, is my family history on one side is prone to type 2 diabetes and obesity. I had started showing some signs of serious health problems ahead. Remembering how some family members either became blind miserable amputees, or died of massive heart attacks...


I have decided to change my lifestyle because I don't want to end up like that.


I've lost 16 pounds in the last 6 weeks.


I know this post was awhile ago, but in all seriousness: congratulations bro. Having lost a little bit more weight than that, I actually appreciate this quite a bit now.

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That's good man, for some reason quitting soda on weekdays for me didn't really have much of an effect at all it seems. 90% of my liquid intake is water these days - and I didn't notice any difference from the time I used to start off my mornings with a can of Coke.

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Hm. Well it could be genetic (in which case don't beat yourself up).


It could be nutritional deficiency. Your food may just not be giving you the nutrients your body needs so it keeps hungering and you keep eating. You live in Sweden and it seems Europe at least has some sanity in dealing with GMO foods.


It might also be you just need some supplements.


Admittedly, I can't only attribute my better health on quitting soda. But that was part of it. A difficult part.

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