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SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! *throws $200 worth of dimes at groovy*



on a side note....your display pic is essentially a devil with an explosion happening in the background...did Micheal Bay create you?


Remember Dath, cool guys don't look at explosions! :cool:


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

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just ordered an asus eeebox mini pc, tired to futzing with supposed DNLA systems from sony/google.tv and not having it work worth a crap. gonna build myself a xbmc HTPC with this.


I think that image may be bigger than the actual EeeBox....

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Not at all what I expected, but still great.




I'm stupid late in getting this, but whatever.




Neal Morse is becoming one of my favorite prog artists.




Been looking forward to this album for quite some time now.

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good thing? i didn't die today. tried to make extra cash donating plasma...first time donor, well it ended in my waking up screaming for God and making a big scene. ambulances were called. it was like crazy, sleep paralysis times a thousand upon waking up from it. flashy images of the people around me, extreme difficulty breathing, and 2 hours after that temporary sensory damage. i'm almost 100% right now, but DAMN. so much for trying to make myself feel better after getting over a breakup by failing at saving lives. lol at least i am alive. so that is a very good thing!!!

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in preparation for The Avengers, i got one of these toy arc reactors, isn't it so cooool?





actually I was quite disappointed with how unlike the movie those toys were, so I had to do some slight modifications and ended up with this...








i didn't wear it while in the theater if you guys are wondering >_>

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