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"Welcome back!" tournament!

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Okay, let's forget that other thread ever existed.


Saturday the 21st at 22:00, for HLDM.


If you have any problems with the date or time, post it here!


It'll be at quake.huz.org.uk. The server probably isn't up now, but it will be then.


You'll need a working copy of Half-Life and Steam and probably both of the Half-Life maps over at the MIGC downloads section .


Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

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Just a quick note to say that we'll be playing on the latest release of the Melee3D map, ie. the one announced in this post on the SCUMM Bar. If you downloaded the map before that, you'll need to update - just run Benzo's installer and it'll overwrite all your old crap (or install it afresh if it's your first time installing it).


You'll also want this Mario Land map, which again is a handy installer. All the others on the MIGC download page are possibly crap so won't be played, but you never know.


I know from experience that no bugger will actually bother downloading any of this stuff beforehand, so you'll be able to download the maps from the server (but it'll be slow and you'll be missing sound effects and backdrops and other stuff, so install them yourself to save lots of hassle :¬: )

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