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'This Party's Over' - Geonosian Clone War SP


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Please only look if you got a good pc rig!!


A new experience from the mapper that brought you 'The Geonosian Battle' a revised a meticulously built Geonosian Clone War experience under the AOTC:TC title.


Mode: Single Player

Maps: 4-5


Current capacity and framerate test:


Spawned 6 jedi and 42 stormtroopers no significant decrease in framerate.


Story: My passion with arena started with the first shot of it on opening day. I created with a coder 'UltimateZeus' a re-enactment though pleased with fan response I desired th elook to become more accurate. So for a year now study (research) and contact to other mappers (such as Kengo) who have attempted and failed. I bring you the close as your gonna get.


With the help of the AOTCTC modelers and coders.




I really hope you enjoy!

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