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A hidden hint on telltalegames.com!!


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Although theres not a single word about Sam&Max on their website, there's a hidden Sam&Max-picture in their servers images-directory:




It's just an old lucasarts-picture, but i guess it really really looks like they are working on Sam&Max 2...


PRODUCTS: Well, actually we HAVE to wait to tell you about it, but we can tell you it's something many of you already know and love"
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well, i read somewhere on this forum, shortly after sam'n'max 2 was cancelled that lucasarts only had the rights for a certain amount of time, and after that, the rights went back to the creator, steve purcell in this case.

i sure hope sam'n'max 2 will see the light of day one day. so no matter how stupid it is, a guy can hope and dream can't he?

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Originally posted by monkeyboobs

...and what's about that shadow character on www.telltalegames.com/products - doesn't it looks similar to max?


i'd say it's really the same (without ears of cause -- that will be added as soon as the final announcement is done.


and if not - i will also enjoy the other game i think ;)



eh, its a far strecth but i guess you could say his feet are sort of max-ish

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