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well its the same as the battlefront treath and it seems the number of republic commando clans will also grow now we are almost in the last 2 months


Clan Name:




Co Leaders:

Clan Email:

Story aboud your clan:



Clan Name: -]RedCell[-

Site: http://Http://www.redcell.tk

Forum: *on the site*

Leader: Nokill

Co Leaders: Varion Urmel

Clan Email: redcellclan@gmail.com

Story aboud your clan:

RedCell is a former DarkForces clan that started out in late 1995.

after jk2 came we started to go over to that game and we have played that for a long time and we also moved on to jka then after a year of that we expendet to battlefront and now we will also expand to republic commando

*it looks almost the same RedCell<<-->>republic commando*

well we already have a few members telling thay wan't to join the team

we only got a test memberpage so far :o

i hope we will get a good server for this game and redcell will play this for a good long time to


*up to 20 years of RedCell :D *



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Clan Name: Republic Expeditionary Force

Site: http://www.eforceclans.com/ref

Forum: http://refrepcommando.proboards37.com/index.cgi

Leader: Lord Malak

Co Leaders: N/A

Clan Email: reconslayer@jesusanswers.com

Story aboud your clan:


The history of the Expeditionary Force clans starts with the Battlefront Division, the EFC's first game. It all started in April of 2004, where Boran Chistanger formed the Imperial Expeditionary Force. The Expeditionary Force Clans Community Consists of about 19 members who are all active and take part in a fun and competitive gaming enviroment


If you'd like to join, register on our forums or e mail me with the clan email provided.









"Immortality! Take it, It's Yours!"



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Clan Name: Force-Temple Clan

Site: http://www.force-temple.com


Leader: Me! (deloused)

Co Leaders: I haven't appointed one yet.

Clan Email: deloused@force-temple.com

Story aboud your clan: Basically, we have been a Star Wars gaming website for a while now, about 3 years in total, but we've never had a dedicated group of players for any kind of clan. I decided to change all that by setting up the republic commando clan. Hopefully we should do well.

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Clan Name: (SWAT) Star Wars Attack Team




Co Leaders:Caboose, one other.. he is changing his name i will edit this when he gives it to me.

Clan Email:starwarsattackteam@yahoo.com

Story aboud your clan: We are a new clan coming to rebublic commando but we have had clan experience from other games.

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Clan Name: Atrum Alarius

Site: http://www.AtrumAlarius.com

Forum: http://p073.ezboard.com/batrumalarius

Leader: Narrok Lalartu

Co Leaders: Con-Ick' Ifeco (Recruiting Staff Members)

Clan Email: admin@AtrumAlarius.com


Story aboud your clan:

Atrum Alarius is a new starting clan for Star Wars Republic Commando.

Hoping to host servers to play the game when it is released for Multi Player use.

Squad leaders are based in the UK but hoping to make this a site for UK and USA players with Team Speak servers attached to clan when game play is available


Possiably branching out into game play for BattleGround,JK Series and Empire at War (when released)

Waiting for webspace to become available for the site, but the forum is up.

View of the upcoming site can be seen here: http://ftmnotts.co.uk/AAScreenie.jpg-for-web-LARGE.jpg

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Clan Name: Dark Brotherhood [EHDB]


Site: http://www.ehdb.net/


Forum: http://mb.emperorshammer.net/index.php


Leader: GM Darth Nocturnus


Co Leaders: Scoser


Clan Email: scoser<at>iastate<dot>edu


Story about the clan:

A sub-group of the Emperor's Hammer, the Dark Brotherthood already supports Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy and SW Battelfront (people who play on Battlestats should know us already :D ) and we will support Republic Commando from the very first day it's released.

Our clan is a mix of roleplaying and pure gaming action. We simulate the structure of a Dark Side Army and the most skilled and active dark jedi are rewarded with medals, new ranks and other special prices (sample profile: http://www.ehdb.net/rosters/dossier.asp?record=951)

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Clan Name: Gamer's Liberation Front [GLF]

Site: http://www.freewebs.com/gamerslibertation/index.htm

Forum: http://gamersliberation.fragism.com/gl-bin/forum/index.php

Leader: Evilhamster

Co Leader: Lupus

Clan Email: lupanism@gmail.com

Story aboud your clan: Our clan was founded shortly after the collapse of our previous one, [TIN], or The Imperial Navy, and all of our current members were enlisted in this clan and trained. I am in charge of the Republic Commando division, and if anyone of our members has a game that isn't listed, we will add it upon their request.

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Clan Name: (Paddy)




Co Leaders:

Clan Email:jed_bicker@hotmail.com

Story aboud your clan:Having formed around 5 years ago in Elite Force we moved to Call of Duty...looking for some laser action again now :)

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Clan Name: 215

Site: http://thebhive.net/215

Forum: http://thebhive.net/215/forums (Working on some mods for VB3 right now so it's down)

Leader: There are no leaders in 215, just equals.

Clan Email: wingsrealm@yahoo.com


Story of our clan: We are an XBOX console clan. We all met while playing MOH:RS on the PS2 console. Tired of playing against subpar competition, we decided to form our clan in February of 2004. Because of the way we were treated before becoming a clan we decided to just use some arbitrary clan name that meant nothing really, basically being anti-clan. 4 of our members are from the Philadelphia area so we went with a Philly area code. We amassed a record of 110-46 and won several tournaments. Bored with MOH:RS we moved on to SW: Battlefront on the PS2. Because of the issues with this game we moved on to Killzone. We had a few matches on this and were still looking for a game that we could all be happy with. This lead us to giving the XBOX world a whirl and we now play GR2 and SW:RC. We are currently 13 strong and we range in ages from 23 to 56. Our main concerns are maturity and having fun first.

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Name: Unstoppable Allied Vanguards, [uAV]

Site: UAV main site

Forum: http://uav.8.forumer.com/

Leader: [uAV]Valkyrie

Coleader: [uAV]F50Grunt (me)

e-mail: clanuav@gmail.com


Formed by a group of high-school (now college) friends, we're a brand new clan, thus the low-end site and slow forum. We're looking for new members all the time, and we pretty much play any games out on the market, but especially Quake 3 and, Warcraft 3, and now Doom 3. I guess we like threes... We throw a lot of LAN parties, but we'll be moving up in the world once summer starts, probably get a couple of servers up and whatnot. We're also sending a decent sized detachment down to QuakeCon

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Clan Name: Kamino Elite -=[/<£]=-

Site: http://www.jediknightiifans.com/specialops - working on getting a shorter URL.

Forum: http://kaminoelite.proboards43.com/

Leader: -=[/<£]=-Bujucucack (not registered here)

Co Leader: -=[/<£]=-AFROMAN (not registered here)

Clan Email: buju_cu_cack__@msn.com

Story about your clan: http://www.freewebs.com/reservoir--dogs/aboutkamino.htm (Note: I didn't write it :xp: )


We are looking to start some clan wars to get more popularity, challenge us by posting in this thread


(Side note: I'm registered there and have a rank of Commando [second rank], and I designed the site for this clan. I go around as Shade on the KE forums.)

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Clan Name: The Grand Republic ~[TGR]~

Site: http://www.freewebs.com/xcommandoz/ (Under CONSTUCTION)

Forum: None -at the moment-

Leader: xCommadnox

Co-Leaders: None -at the moment-

Clan E-mail: tgrxcommadnx@yahoo.com

Clan Story: I wanted to make my own clan so i did. Not much of a story at all. NO members, because clan was founded 1/13/09 so.... Thats about it.


P.S. If any one sees this the first two poeple to join will be: Co-Leaders.

Also i need members so aif you see this, you have SW Republic Commando (PC) email me to join. NEED MEMBERS.

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Clan Name: Low Latency -]LL[- ( were Dark Clone -]DC[- )

Site: http://dark-clone-team.xooit.fr/portal.php

Forum: http://dark-clone-team.xooit.fr/index.php

Leader: Volo

Co Leaders: None

Clan Email: none

Story aboud your clan: We play this game since nearly 6 years now, always been the 1st french clan and one of the most popular Clan in the game.



We have 2 news projects :




We need some good players =) post your App ( only european players )

We have 5-6 publics serversand 1 private.

And We are multigaming! Take a look for all games we play!


Last and finish project :

http://darkclone.servegame.org/ DOWNLOAD ALL MAPS FROM REPCOM & MODS & PATCHS

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Clan Name: ARCommando

Site: http://arc-commando.webs.com/index.htm

Forum: http://arc-commando.webs.com/index.htm

Leader: iSnipedipk

Co Leaders: N/A (coming soon!)

Clan Email: clonebino@gmail.com

Story aboud your clan:


ARCommando places a strong emphasis on respecting others, but respect is something that is earned. We do not tolerate bullies, but we will teach players a lesson in defense should the opportunity present itself. We are open to players of all experience levels and we take great pride in helping new players develop into strong players. However we expect our members to protect themselves to the best of their ability. We are an honorable clan, and we have high expectations of everyone who wears our tag as well those whom we call friends.


We are a branch of clans for many games (ikariam, desert ops, and Ogame). Our first clan was in ikariam and was founded in august 2010, Since then we have been spreading through many games. All of our clans are very successful, reaching over 70 members.

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Elite Republic Operations




Clan Name: Elite Republic Operations

Site: http://ero.gaming.shivtr.com/

Leaders: Venom and Falco.

Founder/leaders: Zenatar and Helix.

Clan Email: erohelix@outlook.com

Story about your clan:


- Info

ErO the home of some of the most advanced Republic Commandos around. AtErO, we aim to spread the work of good sportsmanship and skill throughout the galaxy. Please note that command just about completed its security protocol measures, and thus our website is practically fully-functional. If you would like to join ErO, we have ranks open for new members.


- History

ErO was founded on Sept. 14, 2012. ErO has an interesting history that all started from a falsely accused Cobra. He had two followers, a man going by the name of Alchemist and another by the name of Matthew. They founded the clan we today call ErO. Many thought ErO could not possibly last against the test of time. Through this test we lost the founder Alchemist. He wasn't here long but he helped get this started. Later on, Vernon joined the clan and brought many new things to ErO. Soon after, Drew and Chuck.N joined and helped ErO out of its inactive state. ErO's leader, Centreo, who goes by many aliases, left, vowing to return. We weren't ready for this return; such a happy event gone wrong. His dreadful return brought chaos and anger. He kicked many trusted players and divided the clan in half. There were those who supported Gemini and those who rallied behind Vernon. In the middle were a few players including the remaining founder Zenatar. Once everything simmered down, Gemini vanished and many members were lost. This was not the end though, Gemini returned as Vertigo and helped hack the site along with -]RC[-Viral, causing even more chaos. That brings us to where we are now, with a new site that is having security upgrades done by one of ErO's former leaders and former site technician, {EA}Cypher. ErO has recruited 8 new members since the hacking, and is now growing vast and strong. The journey has been long and hard, but it has not ended and as long as there are strong, loyal members left to carry this clan forward, we shall never fall.

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