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Originally posted by Pedantic





Yes, yes, I see what you mean. Maybe it would be a good idea to practice what you preach before you go critizing others about it. Nothing against short posts -- most posts are fairly short -- but there's no need to turn up your nose at someone for something that you don't hold yourself or anyone else to, now is there?


My comment to pie was more than one sentence. And I was asking him a question, there was nothing else to say after that. Perhaps your right, but meh.


How about this, do as I say, not as I do. ;) Also notice the word try.


Also, instead of going off topic to make me look bad, try to atleast put something in your post that contributes to the topic.

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Originally posted by TK-8252

That's two sentences, and was asking a question! :p

You want me to apologize? fine, I'm sorry. I just wanted more sensible, (more) on topic-ish posts. Posts that atleast somewhat contribute to discussion. My bad.



*edit* You know what, I shouldn't have to apologize for trying to get people to stay on topic and CONTRIBUTE to the thread. You want an apology, too bad.


originally posted in the forum rules

And the most important rule of all: Don't be stupid


That means no captain obvious posts.

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You know what would be fun? A thread that didn't involve people just TRYING to start crap with whoever they can. :dozey:


Sith was merely trying to promote people actually posting more than a simple response that doesn't really contribute anything to the thread.



Now I'm sure many of you are just thinking of a way to draw me into an off-topic scrap, but it won't work because I'll probably just ignore your responses to me.



Aaaaaaaaaaaand back on topic.

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